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Can DWARF hamsters live together?

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Please review your cart. If you are introducing older animals introduce them in a neutral space such as a cardboard box or travel container. The pair can stay together when the female is pregnant or nursing pups, as the male is a very attentive father. However, Roborovski Hamsters can have litters of up to 8 pups in succession. If you do not want a succession of litters remove the male before the birth of the first litter, as the female comes back into season within hours of having her litter.

When the litter is weaned the mother can live with her daughters and the father with his sons. In the wild Roborovski Hamsters seem to have a breeding season which runs roughly from April to September.

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Some breeders have found that the breeding cycle of their Roborovski Hamster pairs conform to this wild seasonal cycle, whereas others have found that their Roborovski Hamsters breed all year round.. The Roborovski Hamsters that breed all year round may be being influenced by artificial lighting and heating. The female Roborovski Hamster will come into season every 4 days. After mating the female Roborovski Hamsters give birth to on average naked, blind pups after a gestation period of days.

She has 8 mammae. The pups mature very quickly, and by 14 days are miniatures of their parents. The male pups should be separated from their mother and sisters at 4 weeks old. There is no cure for this, and the condition appears to worsen when the hamster is excited or under stress. It is not known as yet whether this tendency is a genetic fault linked to the colour.

How to tell if your hamster is happy | Science | AAAS

Roborovski Hamsters can suffer wounds caused by fighting. Although they are very social creatures Roborovski Hamsters can fight amongst themselves. Sometimes these fights get out of hand and the group can gang up on one member of the group inflicting nasty wounds on the poor victim. However, although they can look gruesome, these wounds heal remarkably quickly. I checked the hamsters one evening to find that the other males in the tank had, for some unknown reason, attacked Lucky and left him with some dreadful wounds.

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I separated him from the others and bathed his wounds with a weak saline solution. I then treated him with Baytrill antibiotic and kept him warm in one of my hospital tanks. If you ever have to treat your hamster with antibiotics try syringing the antibiotic on the fur over the hips, where the hamster will lick it off its fur.

This saves struggling to administer a drop of antibiotic into the mouth of a tiny, wriggly hamster. Will Alfred ever see his beloved pet fish, Alfredo Newton Modified by E. Forson Two birds, Nelly and Noey see a man walking to the next town. Nelly and Noey were very curious who this Forson Other Titles in Tales On their journey, they see a young boy running. They are Baldwin's Tales.

Bald is Beautiful! Young adult and adults who love fiction will want to follow along on Young adult and adults who love fiction will want to follow along on the tails-er, tales of Baldwin the bald eagle. He's a shy fellow, with few friends, until something unusual happens that changes his entire life.

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By the Tale of the Dragonfly. This book is a true-to-life genre based on four journals of my late father who This book is a true-to-life genre based on four journals of my late father who was born to a poor mining family in a small village called Ebbw Vale, South Wales,during the Depression of the early s. His family moved Fish Tales.

It covers every aspect of fishing from forgetting to listen to the weather forecast to sitting on the bank