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Henry may have loved her, but he loved power more. Anne simply became expendable. IMO Catherine of Aragon was the real queen. Through her mother, Queen Isabella of Castile, she was of the house of Lancaster.


Queen Isabella had more a claim to the throne of England than did Henry himself. This marriage with Catherine of Aragon legitimized the Tudor dynasty. Henry made church and state one.

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No separation of church and state under Henry. Henry wanted a male heir to avoid any contention when he died. Henry wanted a continued Tudor dynasty. Anne Boleyn did not have anyone outside England to champion her cause. She had no blood right to the throne. So the daughter she had could have married a Howard and then the dynasty would change to another line.

The very fact she was included in the act of succession gives the lie to the suggestion that he believed that Anne was unfaithful because if he believed that how could he be sure his heir was of his blood? The very reason why Queens committing adultery is treason in the first place. I think we also are overlooking the effects of the significant head injury Henry suffered which would have had an effect on his personality and perhaps made him more susceptible to the things whispered by Cromwell and his other advisors.

There is no evidence that Edward was unhealthy as a baby or a child. He died young yes, but there is no evidence of continuous ill health before his fifteenth year. He had tertiary fever when he was about six, which was deadly but survived, proving he was robust and able to overcome such deadly disease.

I am afraid like most people, you have your information from the myth mongering of Hollywood. Her execution is ideal but are there any other really controversial things about her that are constantly argued by historians? Whether Anne was innocent or guilty — Although most historians believe she was innocent, historian G W Bernard is bringing a book out in the new year and he believes that there may be grounds for finding Anne guilty of adultery. A goitre on her neck etc. Whether Anne was responsible for the cruel treatment of Catherine of A and Mary What the five men were like — Warnicke talks of them as sexual deviants, libertines and people who practised unnatural sexual behaviour.

Whether Anne was a victim of sexual harassment or whether she was the seductress. Did she scheme to trap Henry and become queen? Her date of birth.

He also nearly had his last wife killed for being too Protestant. Since he was happily married for some years to Katherine of Aragon before pushing her aside, I think his killer tendencies emerged later due to degenerative mental illness, whether it was paranoid schizophrenia as The Tudors seems to imply, or bipolar disorder, insanity caused by syphilis, or whatever.

While I agree that Henry was a natural killer, we cannot exclude Elizabeth as being mentally healthy. This indicates a brutal nature. Raleigh was executed by James I in What a fascinating site! Anyone else consider that perhaps her views placed a great deal of fear in the men in power in her time? The theory that Cromwell found Anne to be a threat is beginning to make more sense to me. King Henry was very easily manipulated and not just by Cromwell.

The trick, however, was to make the King believe that the ideas were his brain child.

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They obviously knew the king had a weakness for women. We get a good sense that King Henry would rather leave major decision making up to others. Which finally brings me back to Cromwell. At long last someone has correctly identified Anne Boleyn as a protofeminist! She seemsto have been admirably intelligent, spirited and proud in a dignified way. She could Not o T. We should remember that Anne was genuine in her initial rejection of Henry.

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She wanted to secure a decent life for herself via marriage to a man of similar status to her own. In fact Anne reminded Henry of this in her final letter to him. Her initial rejection of Henry was very brave indeed and based on sound reasoning. Somehow, however, the charming Henry convinced her otherwise and the rest is history! It has since been shown that Henry V did not have syphilis. He would have infected most of his oman partners if that was the case.

Couple this with there being no actual evidence against her save for confessions obtained through torture and I think we can all rationally agree that Anne was completely innocent. We can even throw in the fact that she was devoutly religious, a true believer, and yet did not confess guilt even after being found guilty and about to be executed as the cherry on top of the sundae.

She would have believed her soul to be damned had she not confessed before dying. I do, however, think it may very well have been possible that Henry BELIEVED she was guilty, due to his infamous obsession with loyalty, deep-seeded paranoia, insecurity, and theatrical tendencies towards self-pity. I think Henry may well have believed it, and as time went by he believed it more and more. People are very good at persuading themselves of the truth of something they want to believe, and Henry needed to acquit himself in his own mind of having acted unjustly.

If Henry ever discussed it with anyone else, they would have assured him he could not have acted wrongly and it was all true, much as Cranmer did in his letter. Once she was dead there was no purpose to be served in anyone doing otherwise. So What comes around goes around. I totally agree with Yovania, what goes around sure does come around.

Life has a way of balancing itself out in the end, and she sure did get what was coming to her. I also believe that she was innocent of the charges laid against her, but she was not an entirely honest woman. Her years of scheming finally caught up with her. What does history about her having three breasts?

If that were true, then why would the king have pursued her so tirelessly? She must have surely been a woman of great beauty and intellect, but even that lethal combo of beauty and brains was not enough to save her from her very dismal fate. Lesson learnt: Life eventually catches up with you.

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I once knewA family in PA whose family history said they received their wealth from signing t he agreement to behead Anne Boleyn. Do you have records showing the names of the signers? For some reason. I feel her death was caused by a variety of factors. Henry being a womaniser, just loosing interest when a son wasnt appearing as he planned. Anne being very outspoken and what not, prob lead to people mistaken her behaviour as suspicious etc etc..

The tudors makes it out that she hid her past from henry, and was all her father and brothers doing. Everyone was out to get everyone, like her family did to catherine and mary. Its kind of a what goes around…thing. But the specifc accusations I believe were faulse no doubt. However back then people were very supersticious, and henry prob genuienly believed she had tricked him as she promised him a son, which didnt come to pass and then she had miscarriages. So that prob made him come to the conclusion to allow the arrests.

He could of just divorced her if he wanted too, other influences at court prob had alot to do with her complete downfall. Poor woman!

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I have read so many different accounts of what happened its difficult to know what to believe!! Will we ever know the truth we can only speculate about what happened! There is just enough missing to keep us from knowing what really happened something that will be topic of debate for many yrs to come!!!! Thanks guys!!! I am doing some research on King Henry the eighth and all kinds of things on history.

So Thanks! I have recently been reading about the Morland dynasty and there connections to Henry Tidr correct and original spelling. After his father did indeed crown himself on the field of battle, the Tudor name was then being enforced. My difficulty has been in keeping the players straight. So many names were repeated, with Mary, Anne, Jane and Margaret being extremely popular.

While Edward, Henry, Thomas and William were common male names. I have always maintained the Princess Mary was the true and legitimate heir to the throne. But with that said, I have always felt that Henry had diabetes, not syphilis as has been widely thought. That would go a long way in explaining the never healing sore on his leg and the sickly children as well as the many miscarriages.