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I came across a diagnosis for mothers who are pre-occupied with themselves and deliver verbage to the minds of young infants. Which can be a damaging environment to grow up in. The diagnosis is called Narcissistic Personality Disorders in Mothers. Check it out Kharithia it is very inciteful. Wauw, please contact me — ayafabricius88 at Gmail do t com. For a similair experience. Such and old game yet not always as obvious as it should be, obviously. Thanks for encouraging me to open my eyes even wider.

I feel vibrations sometimes hurting me physically and I do not understand exactly why, but when I imagine mirrors around me it helps. I do have a question, arent we the creators of all the light and the dark? Isnt everything connected, but yet why do I feel trapped and hurt here still if I created it?

Please comment after you read this as it will serve as an increasing awareness and articulation of my truth.. You must wholly believe and trust in the divines plan and path for us, which I come to believe is peace. With this strong belief we begin to understand that there is nothing and no one that can decieve or manipulate you. As humans whether it is innate or conditioned we have the tendency to want to define everything and through this characteristic we take away the powerful essence of the divine being that cannot be defined or understood by any one man or women.

One being powerlessness and fear that someone ideas and believe is superior to yours which is the feeling of being inferior. This on a global scale can be seen in our manifestation of the illuminati which is a reflection of our internal belief and fear of inferiority seperation that allows many to comfortably belief they are inferior because the illumanati has so much power and understanding already, which reinforces powerlessness. Many then tend to strengthen and reinforce give energy to this externalized form of a separated self the illumanati by the belief that they have no control over their own life thus no control of creation, stripping us of our internal power of manifestation.

This is just one example of forms and their tricky externalization, reinforcement, and manifestation that we create ourselves and we must always be aware of the many different ways forms are expressed and it effects it has on our supreme being. No thought must go unchecked.

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To be enlightened in my belief is to constantly reinvent self and understanding and to work towards maintaining peace, there is no one true understanding that individually we can ever understand. Who is to say that we are all not right, and we are just looking at different aspects perspectives in the devines infinite canvas understanding.

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To live in the devine is to have no fear of any man or his beliefs unless it is immediate danger but to see it as a small perspective in the devines infinite canvas where we all are connected. It is through connection and unity of our mind and others, where we find peace in our selfs and in the inevitable journey to peace in the world.

Gnostics in the past commited that error too. We give energy to something just by believing in its existence. There is only One reality, If you split it in two, one true and one false, you give energy to both. Only Truth IS, there is nothing more. I agree alejandro. Sometimes I see all the labels and it causes so much confusion.

Truth be told, I just have to be strong, fill myself with love and just share it! We want to experience peace, in order to do that we simply just have to share it. Rejoice in struggle as we all learn form it. Share knowledge as we all become whole from it. Just make a concerted effort to be happy and positive in all situations and be strong for those who are still learning. It should instead be seen as an individuals reconciliation and reunion with their own divine overself.

That is not to say that the demiurge is the source of all negativity and all fevered egos. None of us are perfect. The most important thing is in honestly knowing yourself. To be whole in the Light, you have to know and love your Shadows. Own them, embrace them, heal them and integrate them. If you know and accept them as part of you, and that theyre neither good nor bad, they cant be used to manipulate or harm you..

Anyway, about 6months later i saw her at a friends house, she was going through a similar rough spot again, and looked heartbreakingly sad. The moral: you can have all the love and light of the universe inside of you and all around you, but unless you find the courage to acknowledge them, then put them to rest, your inner demons will continue to cast shadows over your soul.

Hey, I understand the whole duality complex and that we should strive for unity, but your comment has confused me on how I should develop as a person. Inner peace and love to you.

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We have placed ourselves in an artificial and temporal setting, designed for learning, and at the point one gets this, really gets it, one has entered the graduation season. Whether it comes as epihanic revelation, or seeps in through osmosis over multiple incarnations, Oneness reigns eternal.

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And why do they not come into assistance when asked. All this happened because I wanted to stop saying negative things about people in my mind. Who do we pray to? What is love, with this divided hemisphere brain where for me it is impossible to prevent an involuntary negative thought , how do you get to this love vibration other than implanting meditative frequencies into our brains? It is also true that using crystals is impure because it surrounds you with this so called false light, and it seems these archons use these crystals to transport due to their high frequency.

Btw it seems listening to any frequencies over a computer or phone would be implanting harmful waves due to carrier frequencies and modulation, etc to decrease bandwidth they are not truly only a hz sound wave for example. Any thoughts? Tune into the silence. Tune into the present moment. Accept yourself to feel however you need to. All emotions are necessary and temporary, unless they are repressed.

Love yourself for where you are at, and your vibration will steadily increase. They are just different aspects of the same, fundamentally amazing you. Accept yourself unconditionally and you begin to embody fearlessness. Cameron I want to thank you for writing this article. I do have one question for you…What is you source s for this information? Thank you again Cameron.


Brightest Blessings. Hey Cameron Day, thank you for all your support and positive vibes you put in your texts, I started reading you messages over this same night and I did not read all your content yet. But from what I have been reading you confirmed what I long known and believed inside but could never support. They shown me past and future, talked about duality.. All my life I searched for answers in several religions, and even some seemed to be helpful I always knew inside that there was something being omitted..

The answer I received seemed deplorable and it honestly made me question why he would employ such unnecessarily dirty tactics on his own creations. I finally just accepted that he could be cruel simply to teach you a lesson.

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I understand his answer much more clearly after your article. This article provides a perspective that would help to answer the question that so many light workers, agents of light, indigo children, star seeds, neo-shaman practitioners, teachers, spirit healers, and all other kindhearted people likely ask: Why does it seem that no good deed will ever go unpunished by man, the universe, or both? It would help to explain why the agents of dark, evil doers, light-breakers, satanists, elitists, demons, tyrants, dictators, deceivers, etc.

These entities have been clever in rigging the system and manipulating the right people to promote the illusion of polarity to keep us blind and in control. We are absolutely loved unconditionally no matter what happens in this life, or any others. Just to test us and judge our blindly stumbling way we crash through life? Sounds ridiculous if not outright hilarious.

The purpose is to create enough energy to sustain his astoundingly sized 4th dimensional body. He told me that fluctuating energy is more efficient and is far more interesting for him to observe and manipulate, hence the reason that everything is cyclical.

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Imagine the difference between the lowest note on a bass guitar and the highest note on a piano. How long does each last? How much more vibrational energy does the bass note create in comparison to the piano key? This is the principle cause of so much negativity in the world. Low frequencies are constantly flowing and fully sustainable. Where as high frequencies are far more energetic in bursts but almost impossible to sustain when one negative thing can ruin the current energy flow.

In fact, he uses good vs. Stop subscribing to ideals of perfection, good vs. Accept what comes with readiness to take advantage of what is provided by the real creator than the emotional falsities that these energy entities use to enslave us. Be free and happy to be experiencing anything at all.

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Awesome comment. If you look at the core particles the smallest particle visible to man, look into its core you will see the photons of light but at the very core of that photon is a dark center. That being the case, to polarize darkeness as bad and light as good is to deny the critical roles each plays for the other. The pitch blackness of space is the very mother of light. Even in a completely dark room with no light shining in from the outside, if you stay long enough in that room you will see the faintest light.

A power we use in error because of our belief systems that define a God that acts exactly as we design him or her to be. If we see beyond these to the true consciousness beyond all Gods, Goddesses, gurus and saviors, we become true co-creators. We simply love and create in love. Is it possible to create without love?