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Class 6. Doubtnut Icon. Now you can find solutions on Whatsapp easily. We will ping you shortly. A metre stick is balanced on a knife edge at its centre. When two coins, each of mass 5 g are put one on of the other at the 12 cm mark, the stick is found to balanced at 45 cm.

The mass of the metre stick is.

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View All. Where should its other end be touched on the metre stick so that there is no heat current in the rod in steady state? A massless stick of length L is hinged at one end and a mass m attached to its other end. The stick is free to rotate in vertical plane about a fixed horizontal axis passing through frictionless hinge.

The stick is held in a horizontal position. The coefficientg of friction between the insect and the stick is k. The minimum time in which the insect can reach the other end of the stick is t. A stick is thrown in the air and lands at some distance from the thrower.

The centre of mass of the stick will move along a parabolic path.

The the emf of the unknown voltage source is. Both points move vertically upwards at that moment. Then angular speed the stick is :.

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Select the 'Enable' radio button for 'Active Scripting'. Click the OK button. Click the Yes button in the confirmation window. Refresh this page. Firefox 3. Select Options. Click the Contents tab.

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