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It also additionaly relates and ties in with the section on collectibles. I think that this article needs a trivia section, don't be so serious with a doll that's meant for fun-- In the mid's, Teacher Barbie with two little students was released. She became the center of controversy because she did not have underwear included with her outfit.

In , Mattel redesigned Barbie to have either underwear molded on or a body part be a different color to depict the appearace of underwear. Prior to , all female dolls in the Barbie line did not have such changes with the exception of dolls such as Snap and Play Barbie, who had a bra and panties painted on.

Ideally this should have a reference to WP:Reliable sources , and the internet is somewhat thin on this particular claim.

It has also been claimed that the doll was withdrawn from sale for this reason. This claim may be put back if it can be given a good source. Teacher Barbie has a white molded "panties area" so I wonder whether the infomation given above is correct.

Barbie Doll

Barbie's full name is actually Barbara Millicent Roberts —The preceding unsigned comment was added by I could not find the information I was looking for: Was Barbie Barbara Millicent Roberts named for the designer's daughter? I've been told that it's a fact: "If Barbie was real she would be too thin to live.

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Yes, if dolls such as 'Bratz' were real, being the age they're supposed to be, they would be too thin to live. I added the films and book section as a way of showing how the original product created spinoffs. The films have made million dollars, which I believe makes them a valid part of the article.

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Frog47 , 11 October UTC. There are no sources given here, and some citations would help. Also, there is a threshold of notability, as there are so many Barbie spoofs and it is not practical to mention all of them in the article Barbie. Or somthig along those lines. Would this be worth adding to the trivia section? I'm not sure if this would go under parody or activism related to the talking Barbie controversy, but in a group of activists culture jammers calling themselves the Barbie Liberation Organization bought talking Barbie and GI Joe dolls, swapped their voice mechanisms and smuggled them back into stores.

In anycase, this seems a more interesting parody than most, and one which I have encountered several references to. There have been no reports of the dolls turning up in New York City, although the B. Schwarz last August. Kate Notman, a spokeswoman for the Fifth Avenue toy store, was amazed to hear her store had been selected, saying no customer had reported finding anything unusual. The store is sold out of Teen Talk Barbies, but it had several unaltered G.

Joe's on the shelf. Overall there is some truth in the story, although it may have been exaggerated in the retelling. To the best of my research skills, the lawsuits involving Mattel, MGA Entertainment and Carter Bryant are still pending in the court system of California [16]. Could other editors keep an eye on this and update the article if new information becomes available. Perhaps surprisingly, Slumber Party Barbie is not vandalism. The doll really did come with scales set at lb and a book that advised "Don't eat".

A picture of the scales can be found at [17].

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Under parodies, the doll Cynthia from Rugrats is not mentioned. The claim was rejected as false [ citation needed ] by technical experts [ who? PVC is "vinyl". This paragraph needs some scrutiny by someone with a better grounding in organic chemistry than mine.

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Mattel offered its first reproduction in to celebrate the th anniversary of the Montgomery Wards department store. Barbie had undergone a major design change in , and the original head mold was no longer in use for the US market by , so Mattel went back to the original molds for this special edition doll.

Mattel issued a brunette ponytail doll that resembled a Barbie it had first offered in , but with several design differences, including a darker skin tone, and modified face paint. Unfortunately, the original molds were no longer in existence, and Mattel had to recreate the head mold and body from scratch, with numerous design inconsistencies that made this particular reproduction less than authentic. Barbie will celebrate her 50th anniversary in Included in the line will be a new reproduction of the original Barbie doll that promises to be significantly improved over the 35th Anniversary Barbie.

All reproductions issued since have body markings, which make them discernable from the originals. Reproduction clothing items are also tagged to avoid confusion. This was added in good faith , but read too much like a magazine article or promotional handout by Mattel. The article avoids listing individual Barbie products unless they are shown to be notable in terms of media coverage etc. However, the addition of the doll image is OK. The 35th Anniversary, at the very least, was indeed notable in terms of media coverage. The release of the reproduction doll was a milestone event.

This section contains criticism of the product and so does not, to my ear, read like "a promotional handout by Mattel. I am going to attempt a scaled down passage. Let's see.


The article was updated to reflect the latest developments in the legal battle between Mattel and MGA. The part about the lawsuit over My Scene Barbie dolls was removed [21] since it has been running since without any update. Does anyone know what happened here? In case someone challenges the addition I just made to the lawsuit section, that reason for the acquisition of Tyco Toys was mentioned on the US evening news in , I believe by ABC.

Unfortunately, that was 11 years ago, so it's kind of hard to provide an actual source.

The takeover bids described here do not seem to have been directly related to the row over the Nissan television commercial. I Joe' Commercial". The tagging should be clarified or it may be necessary to remove it. Where did this image come from? Also, the pink in the infobox has been reset to FF69B5. This is a better approximation of Barbie pink than the previous version.

The part saying that Barbie's school is based on Stuyvesant High School seems to have been added in good faith , but lacks sourcing I could not find any in a Google search. Better out than in.

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Just throwing this out here for someone to investigate and add to the wiki. Barbie's Shop in Calgary, Alberta had a lawsuit filed against it. There's more on the website here. I think Barbie Collector should have it's own page. Which features more about Barbie collector as in their color tier labels.

Also the history on Dolls of the World Series and as well as the introduction of the model muse body. This section has been pruned back, since it was becoming too long in comparison to the rest of the article. The main requirement for a mention here is that the matter was both sourced and notable.

Some of the entries have been moved to the external links. Using the term "tramp stamp" is in itself pejorative and less than objective. In fact, Barbie is sporting a "lower back tattoo" which is a neutral descriptive term that I believe should be in the picture caption instead of "tramp stamp" Please, get real here. It is a fact of life that Barbie dolls and related products are copyrighted. How is the article going to show what the dolls look like without introducing images of them? Wikipedians are not self-appointed copyright lawyers.

All of the images in the article have been chosen to illustrate things mentioned in the text. This likely came up because this article was mentioned at Media copyright questions. Siawase talk , 17 August UTC. I made the recent series of edits to the Biblography. By accident I wasn't logged in. So why mention it? What's the big deal? I happened because of the controversy to be looking at the page and saw this section really needed cleanup. I believe these edits were completely uncontroversial and to the benefit of both writers. If there is any controversy, I will recuse myself from it.

Since I'm almost always logged in when I edit, this might seem suspicious to those inclined to be uncharitable. I make this comment so it's clear I'm being completely in the open about this. On Christmas Eve , at a romantic candle light dinner in a restaurant at Lake Michigan, Ken proposed to Barbie and she accepted immediately. Their wedding is scheduled for Valentines day, 14th of February It is very pertinent information about the doll and her history, I have the artiocle ready and the documents.

How do I technically 2source" it and show it in the article? The article tries to stick to reliable sources. Barbie's Official Blog is a self-published source that sometimes reads like promotional material for the doll. The same is true of barbiecollector. This site is mentioned in the article to give a taster of the dolls, but it is best explored as an external link. The other thing was a Bratz doll that is slightly larger than normal.