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The manager who bids the highest for that celebrity will be the winner. A new celebrity, is eligible 30 days after the manager wins the bids for him. E IF a user in bid on September 10th.

He is eligible for a pay-out on October 1st. Bids made after the 20th of a month, count towards the next month.

Header Bidding is Dead – Long Live Header Bidding!

In this scenario, if succesful, they will start at the beginning of the following month. E A bid on August 30th, is not considered succesful until September 20th if he is the highest bidder. Then he is eligible for a prize beginning October 1st. This is to avoid the selections of celebrities and winning points right away.

Clarifications A celebrity is defined as being someone that most people should generally be aware to known by name ALONE.

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I will review all entries, and will hold final decision. Leaving the pool is discouraged, and under no circumstances will donations be returned. And since partnering with Smaato in November , the company has added two more mobile exchanges — Yieldmo and MobFox — to the program. The vendors have the tools but not the server connections. So the question is, can Google or Amazon develop a good publisher product before vendors can build server connections?

But despite the winner-takes-all narrative that reporters can slip into when writing about platforms, if browser-based header bidding is to die, its death may come at the hands of collaboration rather than monopolistic or oligopolistic dominance. Google has also made an effort to be collaborative.

The Death of Max CPA Bidding | iProspect Ireland TV

Jonathan Bellack, director of product management at Google, said the server-side product creates a new dynamic for Google where exchanges, and not just publishers, are partners as well. In December, Google held an advisory panel with a half dozen exchanges to get their feedback and concerns about moving server-side. Clearly the industry needs a standard definition of header bidding, but how do we get there? We could start by defining what the industry aspires to when we talk about header bidding.

House auction conditions of sale

I think we can all agree we want the highest possible prices for publishers for each and every desktop and mobile impression they offer. That, in turn, requires that all demand sources have the ability to compete fairly for the users they value.

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  4. This necessitates a truly unified auction, in which mediated networks compete simultaneously with DSPs and trading desks. And, we want greater efficiency; why have multiple auctions that shut out demand and keep end users waiting for their pages to load? In general, there is a disturbing amount of distrust in digital ad tech, and the confusion around header bidding only adds to it.