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He lived primarily in Providence, Rhode Island, and helped invent the genre of cosmic horror, which is the idea that the universe is an alien and dangerous place, incomprehensible to most sane people. His stories often feature protagonists who encounter horrible beings from outside our world, resulting in horror, insanity, and death.

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Lovecraft has a cult following that revolves around his Cthulhu Mythos, which is defined by a series of loosely connected stories that feature encounters with inhuman creatures such as horrible fish-men, faceless flying devils, and tentacled beasts, as well as semi-human cultists that worship mind-shattering deities like Cthulhu, Dagon, Azathoth, and Nyarlathotep. The dreaded Neconomicon, a grimoire of evil knowledge and rites, features heavily in some of his fiction. He died on March 15, , and is still loved by fans of his unique kind of science fiction and horror.

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He has such a popular cult following that you can find references to Lovecraft's tales on bumper stickers , T-shirts and other apparel , Role-playing and other games , even poker cards , and a Cthulhu Fish for your car. Oh, and then there are the writers: Stephen King, Ramsey Campbell, Clive Barker, Robert Bloch, Cody Goodfellow, Stanley Sargent, and many many more have all written tales inspired directly by Lovecraft, and most have acknowledged his mastery of a special brand of genre fiction.


Lovecraft wrote many short stories and novellas, but there are a few pieces that he is most well-known for, off the top of my head forgive me, if I forget your favorite :. To find out more or to opt-out, please read our Cookie Policy.

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In addition, please read our Privacy Policy , which has also been updated and became effective May 23rd, He was born in Providence, Rhode Island, in and spent most of his life there, setting the majority of his stories in the northeastern United States. He created the fictional town of Arkham, Massachusetts, and the fictional Miskatonic University, which show up again and again in his stories about the Necronomicon , a forbidden book of dark magic, and the Old Ones — the most famous of which, Cthulhu , is practically a meme.

His stories appeared in pulp magazines like Weird Tales , sometimes serialized, never particularly popular while he lived, and he died having used up the remains of an inheritance down to the last penny.

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He was a visionary with, uh, documented racist views ; his work was influenced by a post-World War I awareness of the horrors men can inflict on other men, which inspired his darkest, most chilling tales of murder, suspense, and otherworldly evil. In the story, a morphine-addicted man tells how he washed up on a shore that seemed like it was raised from the seafloor by immense seismic activity.

There he finds a pillar with a bunch of hieroglyphs that tell of an ancient race of fish people, the Deep Ones, who live beneath the waves. And then he meets one.

After his missing pal found the Necronomicon , a forbidden book of spells and thaumaturgy, he was led to a tunnel underneath the surface of the Earth, below which terrifying beings are said to dwell. The story starts in the traditional way, with a character relating the story of another character who has now gone mysteriously missing.

In his quest to perfect his reanimating serum, West turns to forces beyond his own control.

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A Miskatonic University professor joins an expedition to Antarctica where the group finds evidence of beings not of this world. Fossils and hieroglyphs discovered by the expedition indicate an alien race from the stars that came to Earth and created beasts called shoggoths as livestock — with the suggestion that life on Earth may have formed from the remains of the making of these creatures. The hieroglyphs lead the men to a huge mountain range, home to an unspeakable evil that drives our protagonist insane just from looking at it.

Unearthing a Cthulhu Relic (Lovecraftian ASMR)

A man tells of his friend, a scientist, who creates a machine that allows a person to see beyond our own plane of reality. The meteorite degraded into the soil, poisoned his crops, drove his family mad, and gradually altered the landscape and everything living in it. I almost wonder if Jeff VanderMeer was inspired by this story for his book Annihilation.