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Fabrica Herramientas , Armas , y Armadura. Yunque de plomo. Botella colocada. Fabrica Pociones. Mesa de Alquimia. Fabrica muebles adicionales.

Fabrica algunas Comidas. Taller del Reparador. Combina Accesorios para fabricar un Accesorio que tiene ambas habilidades combinadas. Crafts Flasks. Tina de tinte. Crafts Dyes and Paints.

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Crafts some Boss -summoning items, as well as the Night's Edge weapon. The Demon and Crimson Altars are functionally identical. Yunque de mithril. Orichalcum Anvil. Adamantite Forge. The Adamantite Forge and Titanium Forge are functionally identical. Titanium Forge. The Bookcase is available before Hardmode, but as a crafting station it is only for Hardmode Magic Weapons.

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Crystal Ball. Waterfall Blocks , Lavafall Blocks , and Honeyfall Blocks require their respective liquids to also be nearby. Ancient Manipulator. Cruise Music. Donut Stop Moving. DJ Tiny M. Bass Too Fly. Dallinghoo Recordings. Leandro Di. Pogo House Records. They Think They Know. Chemiztri Recordings. Glenn Scott. IAH Records. CVD , Majin Blobfish. Get Him Out Of Here. Ben Grant. Applique Music. Feel the Drums Remixes. Amathus Music. Christmas Wrapping. Hatiras , Vincent Caira. Spacedisco Records.

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