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Little Women in the Classroom!

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Here is a list of teacher resources to help you with your lesson plans. There is also a link to the online version of Little Women for easy access. Louisa May Alcott wrote Little Women based on her own experiences growing up with three other sisters. The novel, published September 30, , was a success and sold more than 2, copies.

After practicing the movements above, see if the students have any other ideas for emotions and the appropriate body language to convey it. Have the students stretch out after all of the movement and emotional work and relax for a few minutes. They learned how to speak, walk, dress, use certain facial expressions, and behave as this character type.

This was helpful for the actors, who often had little rehearsal for new plays or were playing several parts a week or even within the same play.

Louisa May Alcott

Meg plays Zara, the heroine, and Hagar, an old witch. After the students have read the excerpt once or twice, have them sit in a circle and retell the story of Roderigo and Zara in Operatic Tragedy. Note: you may wish to distribute the ' Plot Summary Handout ' located within the Resource Carousel for the students' reference. The first student should begin the story and talk for a few sentences. Then, he or she should look at the person to the left, cueing them to continue the story.

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  • If errors happen in the retelling, the class should stop and see if anyone can fix the mistake. Then, an individual student should pick up the story with the correct information. The round robin should continue until the tale has ended. Ask the students to identify things that the March girls do to make the play interesting for the audience. They had homemade props, sets, costumes, and added music. The acts broke up the action and to give the girls time to change costumes and sets. Even though minor mishaps occur, the play goes off well.

    Ask students to think about the elements that are needed to write a play. Examples include an idea for a plot, a title, a setting, characters, and dialogue.

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    Explain that a play also has to contain a conflict that may or may not be resolved. Each scene contains events and dialogue to move the story along. Explain that dialogue is written differently than narrative text. Write an example on the board, such as:.

    Break the class into five groups and assign each group an act of Operatic Tragedy to write out in play form. The scenes do not need to be particularly long, and the students may use the lines that appear in Little Women if they wish. Some acts require music or sound effects; students should include these elements. Explain that they need not include the accident with the set falling. Instead, they should try to write the play as they think Jo intended it to be.

    Any other group members are actors; if necessary, the students who are filling the roles described above can also be actors.

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    Give each group a Playwriting Outline worksheet located within the Resource Carousel. The groups should reread their assigned act and complete the worksheet. They should outline their ideas for their assigned act, identify its characters, and describe its setting. Then, give groups time to compose the dialogue and actions. Visit this page now! Advertise here. Grammar worksheets. Vocabulary worksheets. Listening worksheets.

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    Speaking worksheets. Reading worksheets. Writing worksheets.