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But Jesus continued. He shared two stories from two great prophets from the Old Testament. The point of each story was the same…through there were many among the Jews who needed help, these prophets performed miracles of provision and healing for Gentiles, that is, the bad guys. Think about what Jesus is asking.

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I mean, I even find it annoying when I am trying to sleep and my wife breaks into my quilted cocoon as she lets the heat escape with her cold feet. And I like her! Israel was wanting to be saved instead of providing the world with the source of salvation. In His mighty name, Amen. Great to see the lost coming to know Christ.

Gods Blanket of Love

More muslims will come once they are exposed to the truth of the Gospel. Soft and warm is your bed, close your eyes and rest your head Soft and warm is your bed close your eyes and rest your head. Guardian angels are near, so sleep on with no fear.

Guardian angels are near so sleep on with no fear. God Reports. Home Christian news Jesus brought a blanket to imprisoned former Muslim. Share on Facebook.

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There was no blanket in the cell when he fell asleep. To learn more about Frontiers work, go here If you would like to know more about a personal relationship with God, go here. Egypt: Islamist with knife attacks Christian family sitting outside home. Lullaby and good night Your fathers delight Shining angels beside his darling abide.

Love Like A Warm Snuggly Blanket | Vicki Hurley

Love makes up for practically anything. Be quick to give a meal to the hungry, a bed to the homeless—cheerfully. Thankfully over the years my circle of friendships has become deeper. I know the ones dancing in this circle are the prayer warriors, the hand lifters, the truth-tellers and the courage-givers. Expectations of each other are kept low - we are aware of what we each carry, the lives we lead and the priorities we hold.

There is no need for comparison or competition - we know that every one of us brings a beauty to the table, and it is celebrated and championed. And true beauty comes when we take time to use love like a blanket.

go site In our families, in our friendships, in our marriages. When we say, it's okay, I'm going to forget, lets wrap this blanket around our shoulders and just keep walking. Let's share the blanket, because I need love to cover my failings and failures too.

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I need love to soften the hardness, to cover the bitterness, and to heal the hurt. Dear Jesus, help me to lay down my life for my friends the way you showed your love for us. That I would not rush through moments where I could instead slow, and cover over with love in a practical and generous way.