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Love is exclusive. Love is trusting. Love is sacred.

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When in love never pass a single day without declaring your love for each other. Love is almost impossible to explain in mere words but just know U Complete Me!! For me love is bliss.. It can only be felt.. When the love is true it does not matter about the situation because the spontaneous inner self of a person let him know about the rest.

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It's a awesome feeling when someone falls for someone in love.. But it has to be very true to self because "Trust is the backbone of a relationship". I thought i was the 1st who understood what love was all about Anonymous , September 5, PM. Love is indiscibable it there or it's not there, sometimes you can try to denied it at first but deep inside you know you're lying, or playing games.

And if it's not there you can try to make it happen it's not going to happen. You feel it or you don't and you shouldn't blame yourself for either one. This is an age old question, and one that is difficult to answer because everyone is different. Love does hold two different meanings in the english language. There is impersonal love and interpersonal love. Impersonal love is a person who loves an object,an idea,or a goal. This does not involve any type of relationship. There is no love between two beings.

Interpersonal love is the type of love that is between two human beings. This is a type of love that exist between lovers, family, and friends. Interpersonal love is closely connected to interpersonal relationships. The dictionary will tell you that "in love" means to be enamored of someone. To me,Love is about trusting someone else completely. You will feel secure if you are in love. When you are in the company of the person with whom you are in love, you should be able to feel completely relaxed and at ease.

You should feel at peace with him and with the world. There is nothing else like the feeling of falling in love and of being in love. There will be no doubt when you really experience it. Don't try to define it, just enjoy it! You deserve to be in love.!! Regards Rishabh Kopati,darrang,Assam.

Lonjezo chatupa , August 19, PM. Love z just a feeling and love is not even magic and does nt make anyone crazy but because many do understand love. Matthew , August 1, PM. Anyone could say it just works with actions but its up to those who are willingly to bond with each other to make it work with their actions.

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Love is good in every body life i as a person i need love,with love u can feel for someone. Love centers in the mind.

And because its in the mind its in the heart, and infiltrates the whole soul. This love we are talking of is nt a word of mouth.

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Love is a feeling which can nt be explained, when someone fall in it. So with this, i can call love a spirit. Like my young son told me "Love isnt something you say". Love is all about free will affection one has for his fellow being,be it a man or a woman. Love is a spirit that controls human chemistry. Love is a strong word most ppl sy it as a friend but in a realstion ship. You have to kno what. It mean utill. Your merrid. I was asked this question in grade 11 and at the time I had nothing to say.

I had not know love, I only know hurt, pain and disapointment, I wanted to feel love more than anything.

I married and still questioned love, it wasn't until the birth of my first daughter that I knew love. It was a promise to be there for her in ways no One ever was for me. To love her unconditionally to me was a possibility I had to first learn to love to give love before I could receive it. Love is every thing for me LOve is that only we can feel it. If we really love some 1 then we heartly respect that person.

To me love is a thought. It centers in the mind. And because its in the mind, its in the heart.

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This article is exactly what I needed to hear this evening. Love is a rational decision, rather than a fleeting emotion. I can choose to love, and that makes me feel very powerful.

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I know of too many couples who are not truly compatible, who do not entirely respect one another, and who never stopped to discuss life goals and philosophies on child rearing, etc. As today i recall a lot of memories in my life, i only have to say i'll never give up on love. Todah Hashem for this glorious feeling. Had been told that such line of thinking is too practical to last for a lifetime. Thanks for putting it in those words :. True love want to make sure they are both happy and without one hurting the other one.

THIS is what we should be teaching our children. I just found this website and will visit often. God is the author of Love because He is Love. I have thoroughly enjoyed the articles and videos found here.

Nothing was said in this article regarding parent guidance in a child's mate selection; this is not done in America, we seem to be left to make our own mistakes and suffer the consequences, but at my age, 55 after two marriages, one short when I was young and one a lifetime, I believe that if we exercise the kind of love discussed in this article and incorporate this with parents being "lovingly" involved in their children's interests in a mate and exercised loving and open dialog with our child regarding this person, there would be far less divorce, but this type of relationship must begin from youth to establish the transparency of that love.

Who loves us better in this world than our parents? Who wants our lifetime happiness more than our parents?

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While we do marry a person, we also marry a family and divorce is a brutal, and destructive act with long-lasting and sometimes permanent effects. Divorce is the murder of a marriage and something God never intended. When u know that u r wrong but u still want to enjoy and feel it its love. Love,love,love,love is doing something stupid when you are aware, saying silly promises and sticking to it, shutting doors and opening the window for one person,thinking everything is right when it's actually wrong,don't care what people say but foll.

Love is sacrificin to make sure the one u love is always happy n comfortable wit u. Anonymous , October 11, PM. I believe love is that warmness I feel when he says my name, the security that emobilizes me when he says everything will be alright, love is when he holds me when I cry, stimulates me with laughterwhen Im blue, brings me silly little gifts just because,LOVE is when I can do all the same to him in return and he accepts it,Thats What LOVE is to me!!!!! I was in a marriage with a diagnosed narcissist. The penultimate paragraph suggests I stay and love him, the last paragraph suggested I leave because he was not capable of loving me.

Which is true? Love cannot be defined, but merely generalized. Altthough not in n terms of "goodness" but by an intense appreciation. Bonnie and Clyde were "in love" but not under a sense of goodness. Goodness is subjective and so is your definition.