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He says the recordings do not capture gunshots at all, but the sounds of an idling motorcycle and the rattling of a microphone. The new information doesn't change the outcome of the investigation, but it does indicate that one piece of evidence from that day is not what it was thought to be, Sabato said. John F. Kennedy was fatally shot on Nov.

Kennedy , took another look at two conflicting government reports that followed Kennedy's death. Thousands of documents pertaining to the assassination remain classified. Quite a group with the old Office of Naval Intelligence there too. Walk the supposed route he took when he killed Tippet. With a friend try to re-enact that and you will be surprised but do your homework first! Good Luck guys and keep investigating— the truth is out there.

Then he heard the 3rd shot that struck JFK in the head.

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So my question is, …. Even if you believe that Connally had a delayed reaction to the first shot…. Both shots would be consistent to a low trajectory from either the second, or third floors of the Dal-Tex building, or perhaps the portion of the bullet jacket that struck the chrome between the limo visors, provided it was not intact-which i believe via a conversation between Hoover and Johnson it was found too be intact in the limo.

Jacqueline Kennedy Tapes, Recorded After JFK Assassination, Reveal Intimate Secrets

Kennedy an option to stay alive on the day of the attack. Basically a removable bulletproof window like on the popemobile used to protect Kennedy while he was in the convertible. Also, the book depository was a well-selected position to fire from, unlike the grassy knoll.

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Did I mention he was discharged for erratic behaviour? Every claim has been a lie so far. There are a few thousand ways they could have finished him without a messy display, pictures and videos, questions and commissions. The official story may have inconcistencies, but not nearly as many as the conspiracists bring up. I had high hopes for this website to offer more facts than fiction.

Actually Alex you are factually mistaken about what the witnesses said about the origins of the gunshots. The most conservative estimate , done by anti-conspiracist John McAdams, holds that 33 witnesses thought shots had come from the grassy knoll area.

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A more generous estimate by Harold Feldman, a writer who suspected conspiracy, found that 51 people thought a shot had come from the grassy knoll area. The statements of the witnesses are subject to differing interpretation but there are can be no doubt that a significant minority of the witnesses thought a shot had come from in front of the motorcade.

I did my own research for JFK Facts and found 21 law enforcement officers on the scene who investigated by going to the grassy knoll area. Does this suggest shows from two directions, or shots from one direction, with witnesses being confused as to the origin? This is such nonsense. Leslie, Jean Hill testified under oath that she heard 4 to 6 shots coming from the knoll. Holland testified to 4 shots, only one from the knoll.

Others said 3 from the TSBD. And many other variations. Jean, you make my point for me. Why is that so unreasonable? Jean says: The vast majority said either one direction or the other — not both.

I dislike football metaphors, but: The quarterback testifies that he threw the ball, and the tight end testifies that he received the pass; the testimony in its entirety describes the play. That is not opinion. The quarterback testifies that he threw the ball, and the tight end testifies that he received the pass; the testimony in its entirety describes the play. Hearing the shots from the Depository and not the Knoll, and hearing shots from the Knoll and not not the Depository are inconsistent. Do you actually believe that witnesses who thought the shots came from the Knoll simply failed to hear the shots from the Depository?

JFK Assassination’s 50th Anniversary — Hollywood Remembers Day JFK Was Shot – Deadline

John, my analogy drives home the point that testimony from two or more witnesses that are present during the same event will provide a far more complete description of the event. It is revealing if you opt to consider only the testimony of the quarterback but not the wide receiver. Both shared the event, both testimonies must be considered.

A gunman robs a bank.

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One says the gunman wore a red cap and ran away going east. The other said his cap was gray and he ran west. How good are they at describing what happened and ID-ing the thief? The mugging is shown at the beginning of the program and again about 25 minutes in. Memory expert Elizabeth Loftus comments. So witnesses who heard only shots from the Knoll must be wrong about there being no shots from the Depository.

JFK’s assassination: Readers remember a day that changed history

So: do you believe there could be shots from two directions without any substantial number of witnesses hearing shots from two directions? Or could it be that a fair number of witnesses heard shots from only one direction, but were confused as to what that direction was? And this is not a discrepancy over the color of a baseball cap; this is eye and ear witness testimony describing the same event — an assassination of a president — from various perspectives.

Rather than consider all of the witnesses and develop a hypothesis to incorporate pertinent testimony, the Warren Commission cherry picked the witnesses, and the testimony, manipulating much of it to support their foregone conclusion that Oswald acted, and acted alone. That is a tragic reality of the Warren Report. The only reason to discount certain testimony and yet rely on or at least use as support other testimony Howard Brennan is to avoid the discrepancies that strongly suggest the Warren Commission got it wrong.

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To revert to National Geographic programs to reinforce an argument is not very scientific. Earwitness testimony is even less reliable than eyewitness testimony. So while the analysis is interesting, I would not rest the case on the analysis. People visit Dealey Plaza, do some research, look at photos of that day. There is no doubt that there was more than one gunman. Smoking Gun TV Special points out that head shot was much different than other wounds because it was caused by a different type of bullet.

Also it was pointed out that many witnesses on ground level smelled gunpowder that day and it is impossible for that to happen with a shooter firing 6 floors above street level. There had to be another shooter on ground level firing a different type of bullet. Read about James Files, it all makes sense……….. For if the head shot was from the MC using a WCC, it most likely would have gone through and out the left front side or forehead of JFK, deformed but not broken up. We cannot even be sure that those xrays even belonged to the president! Apparently, if the first shot that missed came from where Oswald was supposed to be, he missed 20 feet high and 30 feet wide, making the official theory even more unbelievable.

One clearly stayed around after the shooting. Bowers said he could not tell about the other, since his clothing blended in with the foliage. That may or may not be true about Bowers, John, but witness Ed Hoffman saw two men who, as he clearly stated, WERE together-in the same location Bowers was talking about. I think Bowers and Hoffman witnessed the same 2 men. Bowers was cut off during his WC testimony. Strange that one would take a shot at a target going down and away from you?? Some theories seem better than others. The case with the JFK assassination, unless we build a time machine and are in the exact spots where the action took place, there is never going to be one answer.

Just look…..