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The remaining 2 performances took place in , 10 years after, during the Reading and Leeds festivals respectively, where Muse performed Origin of Symmetry on its entirety as a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the album. The last performance to date was on August 28, , at Reading Festival Previous song of the week: Supremacy.


My favourite song off of OoS. Love how busy the arrangements get in the lead-up to the chorus, which I felt was kinda lacking in the rest of the album.

Kinda hard not to memorise that chorus when the song makes it such an event with guitars, synths, pounding drums and then leads back with horns or a horn sounding guitar. Perfect blend of elements, unlike the rest of the album who chooses to keep its flirtations somewhat divided from each other. Also, if there were a song where I feel the CB Radio vocals that are scattered over the rest of the album would have worked like gangbusters is this one.

Could be more awesome whilst still easily in-keeping with the rest of the album, but it's still really really awesome. It's a guitar with a midi pickup, played through an effect processor with a fake trumpet sound i think it was an old roland pedal.


Good stuff! It's a vocal masterpiece, but I don't find the instrumentals interesting. Me too, it's in my bottom half of OOS, but it's still a pretty good song. On another note of disagreement, while I find the vocals in Darkshines to be quite good, it is the instrumentals that make me love this song. I literally listen to the instrumental version a lot more than the vocal version.

Darkshines Hullabaloo 2001 - Muse HQ

My favorite song off of OoS. I love how it manages to balance unrestrained Muse, yet still maintain a sleek vivid sexiness. I really really want them to play this live sometime, it's so damn good. Without a doubt one of my favourite Muse cuts.

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Love the darker live Reading performance even better. Been loving this song a lot recently.

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Bass line is a pain in the ass but sounds so awesome. One of my favorite Muse songs of all time, possibly in the top 5 of Muse songs for me. It's just soooo good. When I saw it was the song of the week, I literally gasped so loudly my friend asked me if I was ok.

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It's probably my favourite song of OoS, I'm obsessed with its 'dark' sound, pretty amazing. Fantastic piece. First heard it on the Reading recording, along with Screenager and Megalomania. Real good trio, and Darkshines is definitely in the top two among them. One of my favourites from the album, the live performance is superior to the studio version though, love that show.

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General info: Darkshines is the ninth track from Origin of Symmetry. Artwork: Origin of Symmetry cover Song meaning: It's just about some hot girl, a chance meeting someone who you have a connection with. Martin Valins Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Each has been widely acclaimed. Contact Martin Valins. Streaming and Download help.

Mothers by Gitla. Beautiful songs and vocals like the very best from Joni Mitchell Martin Valins. Great songs Great production Martin Valins.

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