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Have a berry merry Christmas with the help of garden bounty. Jail for mother who locked children into bedrooms with no light.

Ireland has had one of its mildest winters in recorded history

Eat carb-heavy meals like pasta and potatoes for dinner too. Draw the curtains, move your bed away from the wall and keep the kitchen door open to make sure heat gets through the house and doesn't escape! Hot water bottles, big fleecy jumpers and thick socks are all winter essentials, but if you missed out at Christmas, use your One4all to stock up now. Once you've done all of the above, it's time to treat yourself.

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Get cosy with a mug of hot chocolate, pick a new series on Netflix, and curl up on the sofa. A little further back, we see a more grizzly form of this, in the hunting and capture of a live bird, which was then used to decorate the pole and held pride of place as a centrepiece for the dance that followed.

In a time of sickness and death for the weak, this may be an echo of an older sacrifice to the Gods of Winter; take one life and spare the others through the darkness until the coming of Spring. The singing and dancing part of that tradition is pleasant, at least, and brings us to another Winter Solstice favourite, the feasting and the parties. This is one that most of us keep up, to one degree or another, and having a good party to look forward to can get us through the darkest, coldest mornings.

“winter” in Irish

Winter is the time we naturally draw in on ourselves, it can be the loneliest, harshest time of year. In days gone by there was a serious food scarcity through the dark winter days too — but a bright feast, filled with family and friends, was the perfect reminder that the time of dark death still held strong seeds of light and life. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

When the deep blackness begins to lessen, she makes her way outside, searching the horizon. A shaft of light appears, a bright lance across the land — winter is broken… Summer will return. So, enjoy your parties!

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