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Your loving brother always, Babe Strict censorship governed the letters servicemen sent home from overseas, and the men sometimes chafed under its restrictions. It was certainly good to hear from all of you and also the good news about Dom getting 6 months deferment. Boy I almost broke down myself hearing all the good news.

WAR LETTERS: DEATH - 1918 France

As for myself, I had a good time. This afternoon I might go swimming in the Tyrennian Sea — the salt water will do me good. Tell Aunt Lucy that there is nothing to worry about, because it is safe here and the ocean is very, very safe. Then all the big guns were quiet. We listened to the radio when General Wainright spoke to all American and Filipino soldiers to give themselves up. His voice sounded tired and he was made to repeat the speech over again two and three times.

People use anything to roll their cigarettes. Some even use pages from the Bible because the paper is so fine. Every day I hear of some person doing strange things. A Catholic priest did a mortal sin by going around with a lady, then falling in love with her, acting so mushy in front of everybody that he was kicked out of the church. November 10 This afternoon, while we were south of Bougainville As the destroyer Spence came close to the raft, the Japs opened up with a machine gun at the destroyer.

One of the Japs did not want to die for the Emperor and put up a struggle.

The others held him down. The officer was the last to die. He also blew his brains out. The Spence went in to investigate. All the bodies had disappeared into the water. There was nothing left but blood and an empty raft. Swarms of sharks were everywhere. The sharks ate well today We went to battle stations Later darkness descended and the rains came.

NEXT: Words and images became weapons of war. All rights reserved. September 3, Guadalcanal Island Dear Mother, Dad, Katharine, and John: Yesterday we got our first mail, the best birthday present possible for me. Love, Burnett.

Letters from War

Love, Paul. Your loving brother always, Babe. Love, Babe. Ciarlo Family. For personal appearances and media interviews: Andrew Carroll Founding Director warletterproject aol. Listen Now. Skip to main content. The Center for American War Letters.

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He is focused instead on the logistics of his homecoming: moving the family to Fort Knox, Kentucky, where he will be stationed, and buying a new Cadillac. He yawns, and liquid and ice slosh in a glass. This article is a selection from the November issue of Smithsonian magazine.

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Letters from the First World War, part one - The National Archives

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