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O notte, o dea del mistero (Niccolò Piccinni)

I have great experience of high end hotels worldwide as well and this hotel I would easily grade as simular as any Four Seasons, Shangri La's, Waldorf Astorias, Mandarin Orientals etc. I've thought about staying there, but haven't yet. Did you stay in the hotel or residence section? I'm under the impression there is a considerable difference in the prices.

My friend stayed in the residence section as his airline have some apartments there long term contract. BTS is also relatively nearby so it's easy to get to the mongering destinations, but wasn't it a hassle getting back by taxi? Last December I stayed at the Hotel Muse on Langsuan, a 5-star boutique hotel that is cheaper than Siam Kempinski; but I wouldn't put it in the same class. Some girls complained about the long taxi ride to my hotel.

Needless to say I told them to get lost. I thought it was a pretty good indication of a pretty bad attitude. Thanks for making the recommendation. One disadvantage staying in high end places is to get a girl on a LT program to actually leave voluntarily.

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If they have the chance they will easily turn a LT into a very long LT, hehe. Throw in a well stocked bar, good music piped into the suites central speakers from your laptop and some good weed and you have some very interesting and often satisfying long times. Then I would believe the complaining will continue so they better be left alone. Taxiwice I did not experience any hazzle getting to and from Kempinski except from the usual terrible traffic during early nighttime. By not so far I mean for me it is not even an option to walk in the heat atleast not hitting a nightclub as I want to stay fresh without sweat but for others maby they would even consider it to be walking distance.

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Infact from Mixx Club one taxi driver thought it was maby to short a distance to drive so I had to bribe him with a couple of hundred BHTs - but I dont consider that any hazzle, hehe.. Ploenchit road Suk extension is largely suited to one way traffic in this area.

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So a return from Muse to Nana Plaza, for the girl, is not easy and a very round about route is needed. Motorcycle if available may be able to find a short cut. Even quite late, could take 20 mins to get back maybe even more. Taxi will want to go up to Petchburi road, and even getting to there is tricky probably needing to get to Witthayu Road, and come back on Soi 3.

Another way is via Rama IV, but even longer distance. Anyway you try getting to Nana Plaza by taxi and see how you go. Obviously Rainbow 4 girls looking to multiple quick turn over short times are wanting to use the short time Hotels very close by for minimum time wastage, or other very close Hotels.

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In the end, for mongering, Hotels in the Sukhumvit road area are more convenient really. Cowboy girls really like the Admiral Premier due to proximity. Plenty of other close choices too. So if staying in Langsuan, consider taking ST high turnover type of girl to a nearby ST Hotel, or agree to pay her a bonus for the inconvenience of the return, or as you say, just forget her is best policy of all, as who wants a quickie with high turnover girl? My client booked me there. It was a nice, convenient hotel for the business I was doing but I definitely wouldn't stay there if I was primarily mongering.

I can vouch for Jasmine Suites. Loved the one bedroom suite and the girls loved the bathroom with full surround windows. One major defect at Admiral Premier is the bathrooms are pokey small type, and do not have shower separate to the bath except if take the bigger Admiral Suite. This means water sprays onto ledge on top of bath and flows out to bathroom floor causing floods in some bathrooms. I am careful with bathmat placement to avoid the girls causing it to be flooded.

Its amazing that AP rooms can be quite large with kitchenette and lounge in some rooms, and yet bathrooms are so small except for Admiral Suite level. Design priorities were slightly off. Still, very few Hotels have no weaknesses at all. Does the perfect hotel at a good price really exist at all? A really good bathroom can be important to many punters.

Millenium Grand has great bathrooms. Dynasty Grande had magnificent bathrooms to compensate their crappy daytime restaurant food. That wasn't a big problem.

GIGLIOLA CINQUETTI: "MISTERO" Sanremo 1973 (Italian lyrics & Spanish Translation)

I just learned to eat lunch elsewhere. They don't have a club lounge but if you are Diamond or book an upgrade room you can drink free for two hours in the jazz bar, night club or pool bar. The girls in the Jazz Bar are great and you meet interesting people sat at the bar. It is currently under renovation however so is a bit short on rooms. I stayed in the Conrad many times, but it isn't really convenient for Cowboy. It does have a great club lounge though. I don't like the Plaza Athenee, but I don't know why.

Possibly because they asked for my tilacs ID one night, although only one night the Sheraton or Conrad never have. It is a nice hotel, but just not for me. The Sofitel is brand new. I just don't like Accor hotels as a couple of times they haven't honoured a room reservation that was gauranteed due to over booking not in the best places to find another room either. The Peninsula is miles away.

On my next trip I might try the Westin Grande Sukhumvit. Has anyone stayed there? Is it guest friendly? IT's gf and even 2 girls are no problme at all. Anyway I'd stay at Sofitel Sukhumvit over Westin any day. Absolutely GF and no I'd check for girls accompanying you.

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One of my favourite hotels on Sukhumvit. Does anybody have any intelligence positive or negative regarding Legacy Suites?

There doesn't appear to be any mention of it in this thread for a long time. Does anyone know if it's girl friendly? I have read that you should get a room in the 'new' part of the hotel. I know the location is not ideal but I can probably live with that.

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The other thing I read is that the Internet might not be all that fast, is that true? Secondly I just thought I would mention that last time I was in Bangkok I stayed at Fraser Place in soi 11 and it was absolutely fine, but can be quite noisy even on the high floors if that bothers you.