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Mediclinic Paarl is a multidisciplinary, private hospital, situated in the beautiful town of Paarl. Paarl Hospital caters to the general hospital and emergency care needs of a population of over in a vast geographical area of approximately 22 square kilometers.

The Afrikaans Language (Taal) Monument, Paarl

Boland Park Cricket Stadium has a seating capacity of 10, people and is one of the smaller cricket grounds in South Africa. It is a coeducational public boarding school. Paarl Hospital Paarl Hospital caters to the general hospital and emergency care needs of a population of over in a vast geographical area of approximately 22 square kilometers.

Tel : Click to display the map. As for aesthetic appeal, the visitor comments reflect a spectrum of opinions, from the very favourable to descriptions such as "bizarre and definitely ugly". This proves the validity of the saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".


That it is undoubtedly a striking structure, is upheld by the fact that the Monument has been included in a book on the most iconic architectural structures in the world Cattermole , the only South African building to receive that honour. At the time of erection, many of the comments reflecting unfavourably on the appearance were in fact aired by protestors against the perceived ideology the Monument portrayed, rendering the criticism worthless in terms of aesthetic considerations.

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References to the so-called phallic appearance abounded, and are still occasionally heard today; a clear attempt at discrediting and reduction to an object of ridicule without any objective basis. Regarding functionality, the initial idea was to erect a functional building where the language could be practically promoted and showcased, amongst others by offering language training and creating a reference library of rare Africana books and documents.

Taal Monument

By the time the invitation went out to the architects, the idea had radically evolved into the concept of a symbolic, non-functional structure, albeit situated in afunctional landscape conducive to family recreation. With the acquisition of the Museum, however, part of the initial vision of the Committee was realised, and today the Museum boasts research facilities such as a dedicated reading room, an extensive Africana collection and the services of a qualified researcher.

Various courses geared towards the promotion of language in the wider sense of the word are also offered by the ATM, among others courses in Mandarin presented by a lecturer from the University of Stellenbosch. Although the general symbolism embodied in the Monument, and especially the way in which Van Wijk expressed it architecturally, was met with an overwhelmingly positive response from the Committee, the inclusion of the influence of indigenous languages on the development of Afrikaans engendered strong opposition from a small faction led by the previous chairman of the Committee.

Theyfelt that such references were "historically incorrect".

English | Afrikaanse Taalmuseum en -monument

The disagreement led to bitter arguments, intensive lobbying, petitions, and eventually a total schism. Sanity, however, prevailed and the symbolism as initially visualised by Van Wijk was accepted unchanged.

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In keeping with current ideas about symbolism and meaning-making, and the offering of an official interpretation or not, the architect envisaged a monument imbued with very rich symbolism, which spoke for itself, as it were, and leaves onlookers to find specific meaning according to the viewpoints held by each individual. Afrikaans and its relationship to the other languages of South Africa is a so-called site of contestation, which by implication makes the Monument one as well Simos ; Smith The Monument was erected in the heyday of the Apartheid government, and many critics maintained that the government of the day had openly "hijacked" the Monument as a powerful symbol of Afrikaner Nationalism.

This was brought about in part by the project having been heavily sponsored by the state.

Admission to the Taalmuseum in Paarl costs extra. For more information on discounts, see the website. Essentials about the Afrikaans Language Monument in brief Those who are interested in the language world of South Africa should take a trip to Paarl, which is only a short distance away from Cape Town.

Opening hours Apr. By public transport: No connection.