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With a blend of both new and familiar songs, current movie stars and the latest technology, these films are sure to top the ticket sales charts this summer. While nostalgic movies cause little harm, spending too much time dwelling in the past in other areas of life can be unhealthy. When we long for simpler times, yearn for the rekindling of a previous relationship or desire to be young again with a healthier body and fewer responsibilities, we can easily fall into a period of regret and feel like our best days are behind us.

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Finding Meaning in Nostalgia.

Why Does Nostalgia Make You Sad Sometimes?

Tim Wildschut. Article information. Article Information Volume: 22 issue: 1, page s : Article first published online: March 1, ; Issue published: March 1, Keywords meaning in life , nostalgia , self-continuity , social connectedness , well-being. The Character of Nostalgia.

Nostalgia Isn't Just A Fixation On The Past - It Can Be About The Future, Too | WWNO

The Character of Meaning. Nostalgia as a Wellspring of Meaning. Nostalgia and Meaning: Correlational Evidence. Nostalgia and Meaning: Experimental Evidence. Narrative inductions of nostalgia. Non-narrative and vicarious inductions of nostalgia. How Nostalgia Transmits Meaning.

Nostalgia and Social Connectedness. Nostalgia Transmits Meaning through Social Connectedness. Downstream Consequences of Nostalgia-Induced Meaning. Motivational Consequence: Goal Pursuit. Behavioral Consequence: Turnover Intentions. Nostalgia Shields against Existential Challenges.

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  6. Nostalgia shields against mortality-prompted threat to meaning in life. Nostalgia shields against mortality-prompted threat to collective identity. Nostalgia shields against mortality-prompted accessibility of death thoughts. Nostalgia armors against mortality-prompted death anxiety. Nostalgia Benefits Individuals with Meaning Deficits.

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