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But what does espionage against a friendly country have to do with the fight against al-Qaeda fundamentalism? The Italian governments have always been considered reliable on this front. Today Enrico Letta even turns directly to President Obama and his deputy, John Kerry, for clarification on the US intelligence spying activities in our country: "I am sure it will be fully explained to us", he said.

What are your key claims? The top secret documents examined by l'Espresso did not contain any name, phone number and email address. A country under surveillance. NSA's mass spying activities did not target our leadership and diplomacy alone, but it possibly also targeted millions of Italian citizens. A file on the top secret programme "Boundless Informant" that is labeled "Italy" reveals that between December 10, and January 9, , the NSA collected the metadata for Estimates close to this figure had already circulated, but now the actual document indicates the penetration of this monitoring.

The NSA has denied this interpretation of the Boundless Informant slides when they have been reported in some though not all countries, claiming that the slide only shows collection from the named country, not against. But the NSA's own documents describing Boundless Informant and its function repeatedly state that the program is designed to show collection against the specific named country. It is unclear how and why Italy would be collecting and then turning over to the NSA more than 45 million telephone call data each month, and is equally unclear whether the Italian intelligence service has cooperated in the gathering of this data that ends up in the NSA's repositories.

But what is clear is that a program which the NSA itself describes as counting "collections capabilities against" the named country has produced a document showing the collection of a huge amount of communications pertaining to Italy. Gathering metadata is not a sort of "second class" espionage activity. While it is true that metadata does not allow acquiring the actual content of phone conversations, it does allow reconstructing people's lives, their direct and indirect contacts and relationships, their location minute by minute.

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Using metadata, data can be compared and contrasted to learn about meetings between politicians or encounters between politicians and their assistants, a very detailed map can be obtained of relations in a very short time. Recentemente abbiamo notato il crescente trend degli attacchi DDoS soprannominati Mordi e Fuggi Hit and Run ,con questo articolo analizzeremo In questa Master in Aziende e utenti "comuni" li acquistano nei blackmarket per spazzare via i competitor o per "kickare" altri utenti da Recently, a malware known as KeyBase, is "triggering" some of my sensors.

KeyBase was distributed in February and Recap On February 21 Linux Mint was attacked and, as a result of the intrusion, the attacker was able to Following our Vulnerability For whom is following me on Twitter this is not a news, yesterday I was complaining about a Telegram. The world's still awake on Charleston Avenue. Il salice ancora piange su Charleston Avenue.

Outside that vacant starlight motel.

Italian Rosorio; Misteri Luminosi

Fuori quel vacante e luminoso motel. I see you. Laughing with your girlfriends. Ridendo con le tue amiche. Not a care in the world. Senza una preoccupazione al mondo. Not a burden on your mind.

Senza un peso nella tua mente. It was a matter of time. Era una questione di tempo. There's a panic in this house and it's bound to surface. Just walking through the front door makes me nervous. Solo passare attraverso la porta principale mi rende nervoso. It's creeping up the floorboards, got me wondering where I stand.

Si sta insinuando nel pavimento, mi fa domandare dove mi reggo.

Nico Perrone

I cannot put out the fire, I've got a book of matches in my hand. Non posso spegnere il fuoco, ho una scatola di fiammiferi in mano. When we first met, headstrong and filled with doubt. Quando ci incontrammo la prima volta, la testa dura e piena di dubbi. Made just enough, hustling tables, that summer to take you out. Ho fatto il possibile, pulendo tavoli, quell'estate per portarti fuori.

I was falling back on forever.

‎Poe edgar‎

Ci stavo ricadendo da sempre. When you told me about your heart.


Quando mi dicesti del tuo cuore. You laid it on the line. Lo hai lasciato su di un filo. You're hanging on the line! Lo stai lasciando sul filo. It was just a matter.

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We'd find ourselves a place, we belong in this forever. Ci troviamo in un posto, e ci apparteniamo sempre. Ain't that what it's all about? Make the promise and keep it. Fai una promessa e mantienila. Come hell or high water. Che vengano inferno o acque alte. We'd figure it out. Riusciremo a superarle. It was the night, it was the moon. Era la notte, era la luna. It was the green grass in the garden.