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In a Muslim community, or when reading about Islam online, you may come across a group of people who call themselves "Submitters," Quranists, or simply Muslims. The argument of this group is that a true Muslim should only respect and follow what is revealed in the Quran. They reject all hadith , historical traditions, and scholarly opinions that are based on these sources , and only follow the literal wording of the Quran. Religious reformers through the years have emphasized a focus on the Quran as the revealed Word of Allah, and a minimal role, if any, for historical traditions which they felt may or may not be reliable.

In more modern times, an Egyptian chemist named Dr. Rashad Khalifa Ph.

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He believed that the chapters, verses, words, number of words from the same root, and other elements were all following a complex based code. He wrote a book based on his numerology observations but needed to remove two verses of the Quran in order to make the code work out. In , Khalifa declared himself a "messenger of the covenant" who had come to "restore" the religion of Submission to its original form and purge the faith of man-made innovations.

The removal of two Quran verses was "revealed" to him as necessary to uncover the mathematical miracle of the Quran.

The Authorized English Quran

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    Dr. Rashad Khalifa talking about 'Authorized English Version' of Quran

    Rashad Khalifa. Tucson, Arizona , U. Retrieved Submission Perspective.


    Archived from the original on Khalifa, Rashad. Fremont, CA. Over the years, several questions have been asked about Rashad Khalifa and his involvement with Islam. The information below will help readers get a comprehensive picture from one location. It will be useful to go through all of it, as it deals with important aspects that concern the human race which you may not have realized before.

    In the Muslim Community, Who Are 'Submitters' or Quranists?

    For more details about any subject and to check the actual verse references, please follow the links provided. Who was Rashad Khalifa? His father was a renowned leader of the Sufi sect of Islam. His professional career included assignments with the United Nations, the public sector e.

    Rashad Khalifa was a naturalized American citizen. He lived in Tucson, Arizona with his wife of American origin and two children.

    Quran, Hadith, and Islam by Rashad Khalifa

    Sometime in the dawn of January 30, , Rashad Khalifa was martyred inside Masjid Tucson, which he had set up for the purpose of studying and spreading the true message of Submission to God Islam , in Arabic. How did he become involved in studying Islam?

    Where to find Dr. Rashad Khalifa Ph.D. online

    This distortion of the truth prompted him to translate the Quran himself, at least for the sake of his children. What is the mathematical miracle of the Quran; how was it discovered? While working on his translation, Rashad Khalifa also began to explore the significance of the mysterious alphabets that precede 29 chapters Suras of the Quran which remained unexplained till date. He decided to enter the Quran into a computer and analyze its text to see if there were any mathematical correlations among these Quranic initials. What emerged is that the Quran is characterized by a unique phenomenon never found in any human authored book.

    Every element of the Quran is mathematically composed, from the frequency of letters and words, unique spellings, number of words from the same root etc. This superhuman mathematical coding of the Quran, far beyond human ability to create or duplicate, incontrovertibly establishes its Divine authorship.

    What is the function of the mathematical miracle; how is it different from previous miracles of God? The mathematical miracle of the Quran provides irrefutable physical evidence that God exists and that the Quran is His unaltered message to the world, intact, down to every letter Once a person recognizes that the Quran is the direct and complete word of God, he or she needs to follow it to lead a happy life and make it back to God in the Hereafter.

    Several aspects of the religion and other important information concerning the human race are also confirmed by the code. Other confirmations include: the purpose of our creation, correct religious practices, end of the world , and identity of the messenger to come after Muhammad. Unlike previous miracles that were limited to time and place, the mathematical miracle of the Quran is a perpetual miracle that can be witnessed and verified by all generations, anytime, and from anywhere.

    Most people follow their religions blindly but the traditional Muslims are paramount in this, considering the fact that they have a complete and fully detailed scripture from God in their hands. The claim about numerology stems from either ignorance or bias. The Quran prohibits numerology, which is an occult based system that tries to use numbers to predict or influence the future.

    On the other hand, the mathematical code is a perfect, tangible system dealing with facts that can be verified by anyone. For example, anyone can count the number of chapters in the Quran or how many letters appear in the Basmala. Further, anything God says in the Quran is guaranteed to happen or not happen, as per the conditions defined by Him therein.