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To view it, click here. While I was on the third chapter, I realized I couldn't go on with this book. But positive reviews here kept me going. I was curious to know how everyone likes it. Things that needed details were left neglected, and things that didn't need details had paragraphs and paragraphs of them. Writing style was not captivating. That was lacking. The concept is very nice, but things lack details which makes me feel While I was on the third chapter, I realized I couldn't go on with this book.

The concept is very nice, but things lack details which makes me feel like I'm reading a Children's book. The end of the Dark Djinn is so easy, without any obstacles, Finn's parents make him drink the potion followed by Finn capturing the Djinn in a bottle. Apr 28, Jourii added it. I also met the auther of this book shes GR8. It is such an amazing book.. I have borrowed it from my school libraby ,, i finished it within 3 days! Nov 19, Danny Boy rated it it was amazing. This book has amazing use of imagery to create a sense of suspense throughout the book.

Sorry, I was just writing the way my English sir would do no offence, sir. No but seriously it's an epic book! Can't wait to read the next book. Jan 05, Khushi Nagpal rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy , series. Loved this book!! May 04, Leanna rated it liked it. Interesting story line, different take and a quick read. It is definitely written for a younger audience but I'm not sure that the plot is necessary G - rated.

I would advise parents to read it first before passing it on to the kids. Oct 29, Adeeb rated it really liked it. The book was good. Linda Davies has a broad imagination.

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The writing style could have been better.. Overall good effort. Rebecca Montez rated it it was amazing May 12, Liaba Hassan rated it liked it Apr 06, Ada rated it really liked it Nov 26, Krishnaa Lakshmanan rated it really liked it May 01, Sonya rated it liked it Dec 31, LennyDin rated it liked it Nov 12, Pebble Kadd rated it really liked it Jun 23, Kamalia rated it really liked it Jul 16, Ahmed Almansoori rated it really liked it Aug 10, Amal rated it really liked it Feb 01, Ryley rated it it was amazing Feb 02, Evanna rated it really liked it Jul 07, Alex rated it it was amazing Nov 28, Hamda rated it it was amazing Feb 20, Katie Day rated it it was ok Oct 15, Clare Slater rated it it was amazing Mar 21, Jolindie rated it it was ok Jul 21, Wouter Schmit rated it it was amazing Jun 28, Muhammad Siraj rated it it was ok Mar 31, Rawan rated it liked it Jul 08, Patrice Michael rated it did not like it Dec 29, Cindy Ba rated it it was amazing Nov 09, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

His task is complicated by the unexpected appearance of a seemingly invulnerable clay golem that attacks London. Much to the displeasure of Bartimaeus, Nathaniel recalls the djinni to aid him in uncovering the origins of the golem and to save his own skin.

Something Wild by Linda Davies

In the end, the golem is revealed to have been created by Kavka, a Czech magician, and animated by Henry Duvall, the London Chief of Police. In the final book of the series, published , Nathaniel is a senior magician and a member of the ruling council, an elite class of magicians in the government. Bartimaeus is still trapped on Earth by Nathaniel and is treated with disdain, continuously weakening as he is not allowed to return to the Other Place. Meanwhile, Kitty Jones has been hiding undercover and completing her research on magic and spirits.

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She hopes that this will enable her to break the endless cycles of conflicts between djinn and humans. The main plot of this story is a conspiracy to overthrow the government which causes the most dangerous threat in the history of magic. Together, Nathaniel, Bartimaeus and Kitty try to save the city of London from this dangerous threat. Bartimaeus reveals to the reader the presence of an endless cycle wherein magicians summon spirits, magicians rule over commoners, spirits spread magic throughout a city, some of the commoners gain a resistance to magic, the commoners rebel against the magicians, the magicians are overthrown and the spirits return to the Other Place until another magical empire rises to dominance.

This cycle proves to be the main plot, which culminates in the overthrowing of London. Bartimaeus makes references to other magical empires, such as Baghdad , Rome and Egypt , all of which have fallen from dominance as well. It follows the djinni's adventures during the reign of King Solomon , who was frequently referenced in the footnotes during the trilogy.

It was released in the United Kingdom on 14 October and in the U. The story revolves around the troubles Bartimaeus faces while enslaved to Solomon's magicians, as he gets caught between the plots of his master to overthrow Solomon, and the schemes of Asmira, captain of the guard of the Queen of Sheba who sent her to assassinate Solomon. In a Bartimaeus trilogy forum, Jonathan Stroud has remarked that he was planning to make a Bartimaeus "bible". In fact, the main characters' names were borrowed from the Bible. The biblical Bartimaeus was a man whom Jesus cured from his blindness.

Simon was also the name of an apostle. Mandrake the Magician was a superhero in a syndicated newspaper comic strip. The following is a list of characters in the Bartimaeus series by Jonathan Stroud.

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The three most prominent characters are Bartimaeus, a djinn, Kitty Jones, a commoner, and Nathaniel, a magician. Most other characters of any significance are listed by name. Minor characters not listed are implicitly collected in the "Organizations and unnamed characters" section as members of various organizations or types of spirits. In the first book, Nathaniel is a 12 year old magicians apprentice whom defeats Simon Lovelace's attempts to become prime minister.

By the second book, he is an official in the government who investigates the golems eye and the resistance. By the third book, he is a magician in the British magical oligarchy. He is referred to as the strongest magician on the Council with the possible exception of his former master Jessica Whitwell. He had a charismatic personality that had greatly inspired Mandrake when he was young, though this respect later dwindled.

Sea Djinn by Linda Davies

He had a great passion for the performing arts and so was great friends with the playwright Quentin Makepeace. Near his death, he grew paranoid with all the chances of betrayal within the government. The main antagonist of the first book, Lovelace was a junior minister and rising star in the Ministry of Trade until, in his ambition, he tried to rise too fast and as a result was sidelined by Prime Minister Rupert Devereaux.

Thereafter, he seeks to exact revenge. The main antagonist of the second book, Duvall used a golem to wreak havoc in London. Though he appeared to be the ringleader of the conspiracy, the real mastermind was later revealed to be Quentin Makepeace. At the end of the second book, he is arrested and imprisoned. He is later mentioned to have committed suicide. Deveraux takes up the role but leaves most of the work to his former apprentice and Deputy Chief Jane Farrar. In the second book, she attempted to charm and seduce Mandrake to get information for her master, Henry Duvall, though she was never associated with the conspiracy.

In the third book, she is also shown as a brief romantic interest to Mandrake, although this connection quickly dwindles. Farrar is easily captured by a demon. After being freed by Kitty, Farrar arrogantly rounds up the Night Police to combat the hybrids, refusing the remaining magicians and Kitty's help. After the battle Farrar is missing and presumed dead. Makepeace transforms into a hybrid with the powerful demon Nouda, who later destroys Makepeace's mind and body. He is described as being bald with moist eyes and twin scars on his cheeks.

Originally a student of the priests of Ra in Karnak he left for Jerusalem after gaining enough power. He is perhaps the most powerful magician in the series as he is capable of summoning a marid on his own when, according to Bartimaeus, it normally takes at least two.

Jessica Whitwell was Security Minister throughout the series and died trying to escape the hybrids with Shubit, her afrit, being the only magician with the courage to attempt to stand up to Nouda and the others, other than John Mandrake. She was considered to be possibly the most powerful magician in the government at the time of the series by John Mandrake.

In The Amulet of Samarkand , it is said that she destroyed a marid the most powerful type of spirit summoned by magicians by herself without the help of her own spirit. Throughout the series, she is shown to be very professional, strict, as well as above all, powerful. Whitwell was Nathaniel' s teacher though their relationship dwindles to a rivalry.

Whitwell is the only magician to choose death over becoming a hybrid and dies in a skirmish with Nouda's forces. Arthur Underwood was a mediocre magician and the minister of internal affairs. Nathaniel was his apprentice from the age of five to twelve years old. The boy and his master had a cold and distant relationship. He was killed by Simon Lovelace in revenge for his apprentice's theft of the amulet of Samarkand. Kathleen "Kitty" Jones is a commoner and youthful mid-level member of the Resistance, opposed to the magical oligarchy that rules Britain.

Like other members of the Resistance she is resistant to the effects of magical attacks and is able to withstand assaults from demons that would kill normal humans. In book three, Ptolemy's Gate , she searches to look for an end to the human-djinni hatred, delves into Bartimaeus's history, and becomes the second human to travel to the Other Place. After Nathaniel's death, she declines to be part of the new government. Pennyfeather was the leader of the Resistance in The Golem's Eye. Though his intentions were noble, Kitty came to see Pennyfeather as being as greedy as the magicians themselves.

Pennyfeather is mortally wounded by Honorius and while dying tells Kitty to leave him behind. Honorius briefly impersonates him.

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