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Rather, others are simply saying they don't agree and sometimes passionately this passion occurs on both sides, making the author's views somewhat hypocritical Maybe people like the author of this article just need to toughen up a bit and get over themselves. Freedom of speech is still intact people, thank God! Hi Andrew, I am certainly not disputing Martin's right to express his view.

My point is that if somebody is called Jenny, Jenny it is. The name of such hypothetical transgender person is not a matter of opinion. Unless, of course, as suggested by the astute Dove below, Martin is happy for us to call him "Martina". And now we see the coverage of the Mitchell Pearce event involving simulated "sex with a dog" which is introducing the idea of animal sex being normal and we will see more such sexual acts with animals put in front of us in media, movies, music, schools, etc until we are all brainwashed into thinking that it is "normal".

Human rights in Japan

At first we are horrified, but then we become more and more sensitized to it until we agree with it or don't care. So this is the start of the bestiality push to legalize bestiality marriage Same old, same old.

And I don't want to hear any hate speech from anyone opposing legalizing bestiality marriage sarcasm intended. Hi Neil, The argument you present is one of my personal favourites for all the wrong reasons. It illustrates my point perfectly. Linking same sex marriage with bestiality is intellectually bankrupt. While completely ridiculous and highly offences, I wager you'll still be free to spread such nonsense tomorrow, and the day after that and so on.

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Because you have a right to a view. Just like those who oppose your view. So what, exactly, is the point of Dr Michael Jensen's article? Neil, stop "CoryBernardising" yourself! The stupid images were overwhelmingly rejected we do care for the rights of dogs!! But hey, tell Cory to start a movement himself for marriage between Owner and Pet, see how it goes. You seem to suggest that the campaign could be successful Alpo, can you explain to me when the unthinkable happened?

The Problem of Evil: Barbara G. Walker

When did it become a crime to call evil, good and a blessing to call good, evil? It was when we had perverted teachers, media executives and social commentators who continually presented the unnatural as natural, eroding the moral foundations of this nation. A TV executive explained that in the 60s they pushed hard against the boundaries of moral standards and awaited the backlash, however, because decent people did nothing, the backlash never came, hence the deplorable filth shown on TV today.

There is an old truth, that ancient boundary stones should not be moved unless you understand why they are there and you understand the future pitfalls if they are moved. To the censors at the abc, I wonder if you will allow this through, or will you, in your usual style, not allow anything that does not fit with your doctrine? Wow, Trev. The '60s were the bastion of moral standards? The time when Black people in the USA were being lynched from trees for wanting to vote and were segregated in cinemas and still controlled by the State in Australia?

The time when women couldn't leave husbands who beat them because divorce wasn't granted without proof and were dying from backyard abortions? The time when men were actively discouraged from taking part in parenting their children and were encouraged to solve all their problems with alcohol and their fists? The time when children were sent to institutions to be abused until adulthood? The time when two loving, consenting, men could be thrown in prison for what they did in the privacy of their home? Bring back the good old days? Look at you, you bravely called their bluff and the "censors" sic buckled and let your post through.

Have you considered that your post was published because it was a legitimate, albeit rambling and slightly irrational, point of view. It did not break any of the guidelines for posters readily available online , but I suspect you already knew that.

Sex, Lies, and Abolitionists

In other words, you should be praising the ABC for enabling people every day to post a wide range of views, however esoteric some of them may be. Neil, if the dog is capable of giving informed consent to the sex act then I have no problem with it - same with children and dead people. Until that time i. Your argument is spurious.

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  7. Of course, this is a complete lie but they get away with it because they shout "hate speech" and other untrue name calling to silence their critics You are not opposing it because you don't realize the social damage and destruction that is caused when we remove the man-woman input both genders required for a stable marriage and the mother-father input both genders required to raise children properly.

    Civilizations in the past have never officially allowed same sex marriages for this reason of course, same sex advocates invent their own "history" to say that past civilizations have allowed same sex marriages as a deceitful tactic to push their cause Bestiality marriage is therefore the next easy, little step in the marriage re-definition process Trashing marriage is easy when it is done once with the first step of legalizing same sex marriage and then marriage loses all it's meaning. Welcome to the age of rampant hedonism and debauchery. NeilAitchison, You spend far to much time dwelling on bestiality than is healthy.

    What sort of community are you a part of that bestiality marriage is a possibility to you?

    About this book

    How many bestiality advocates do you know of? A person born gay has the same rights you have, what if they find your heterosexual marriage gross? Shall we can it? No because we are all different and we all have a right to be who we are, if more of us opened our hearts and minds this world would be a much better place, now off you go to get ready for church on Sunday.

    Wow, I'm not really that interested in the issue but I'm always interested in the psychology of debate and again, Wow. Neil, the world needs wack job, rambling discourse such as yours so that the centre moderates can frame their more rational arguments with references to such points of view. Keep it up, don't surrender moderate your point of view. Ginger, I believe the ABC showed an episode of Rake where he contended that a dog can showed informed consent.

    How Religion Distorts Sexuality & Sex

    Interesting argument. With the way the de facto rate is rising, the divorce rate is rising and the marriage rate is falling I'd say the straights are already doing a very fine job of trashing marriage into oblivion.


    Oh deary deary dear oh me, the poor Christians and heterosexuals are not getting a fair go. White men also doing it tough. Let's take up a collection!

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    I agree Marty certainly has the right to express their view. The next bit is a lot harder for me to understand you write. However, that does not mean that others cannot express their disappointment in Marty's view Marty is not expressing his disappointment in your view he simply has a different view of the subject. I don't see why you should be expressing you disappointed because he does not see things your way.

    You simply have the right to hold a different view and I believe you have no right Expressing your disappointment in Marty. You have the right to think that a person does not have the right to express their disappointment. However, it is not illegal to express disappointment, so while you have the right to your view, it has no legal support so you just to have to live with it. Does that help?

    Sex, Lies and the Gay Debate

    Andrew Thomas I'm so disappointed in the view you hold. You must be defective to believe that. You see this kind of talk is not a intelligent conversation. And no out come will ever be achieved Express your disappointment if you want. If you where smart you could express your opinion and show respect for Marty opinion. That way your response will not be trashed. No no no no no. Marty has a right to his opinion and to express it but I do not have to respect his opinion. If he expresses an opinion that "grass grows better out of a rock with no water and no sunlight" I do not have to respect that!

    I'm pretty sure I have to point and laugh at it! Anyone can express an opinion but they then have to live with the consequences of that. If the consequence of openly being against marriage equality is that the majority of the rest of the population call you a bigot that is a consequence of that option! You must respect everyone and their right to express an option but you do not have to respect any option that is offered. Agreed , it is my opinion , others have a different opinion , it is what makes the world turn , would be a very boring place if we all agreed on everything.

    Marty has refused to accept the reality of gender reassignment surgery. That's all. However, refusal to accept reality is often an indication of deeper psychological or psychiatric problems. Marty, get professional help.