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We do know Jesus stopped at their home with his disciples and was treated with hospitality. Luke , John Jesus' raising of Lazarus back to life marked a turning point. Some of the Jews who witnessed this miracle reported it to the Pharisees, who called a meeting of the Sanhedrin.

Mary of Bethany

They began to plot Jesus' murder. Rather than acknowledging Jesus as the Messiah because of this miracle, the chief priests also plotted to kill Lazarus to destroy the proof of Jesus' divinity. We are not told whether they carried out that plan. Lazarus is not mentioned again in the Bible after this point. The account of Jesus raising Lazarus occurs only in the Gospel of John , the gospel that most strongly focuses on Jesus as the Son of God.

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Lazarus served as an instrument for Jesus to provide indisputable proof that he was the Savior. Lazarus provided a home for his sisters which was characterized by love and kindness. He also served Jesus and his disciples, supplying a place where they could feel safe and welcome. He recognized Jesus not just as a friend but as Messiah.

Finally, Lazarus, at the call of Jesus, came back from the dead to serve as a witness to Jesus' claim to be the Son of God. Lazarus was a man who showed godliness and integrity. He practiced charity and believed in Christ as Savior. Lazarus placed his faith in Jesus while Lazarus was alive. We too must choose Jesus before it's too late. By showing love and generosity to others, Lazarus honored Jesus by following his commands.

Jesus, and Jesus alone, is the source of eternal life. He no longer raises people from the dead as he did Lazarus, but he promises bodily resurrection after death to all who believe in him.

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In this thread, I will not discuss the iconography, but concentrate on the identity of the unknown woman in the picture. As shown in the painting, three women were intrroduced into the scene. Now there was a certain man sick, named Lazarus, of Bethania, of the town of Mary and of Martha her sister. John was very precised with the event and the characters. He named the Sisters of Lazarus-Mary and Martha. Dennis, cross reading from the other thread of the same subject, you have mentioned there that another female disciple can be included in the Holy Week processions.

Isnt it a drastic move to do, since the Church havent yet recognized the said sister of Lazarus? And if so, what could be the name of the female sibilng of Lazarus, Martha and Mary of Bethany? The Family of Lazarus, Martha and Magdalen The parents of Lazarus had in all fifteen children, of whom six died young.

These four were: Lazarus; Martha, about two years younger; Mary, looked upon as a simpleton, two years younger than Martha; and Mary Magdalen, five years younger than the simpleton. The simpleton is not named in Scripture, not reckoned among the Lazarus family; but she is known to God.

Mary, sister of Martha and Lazarus

She was always put aside in her family, and lived altogether unknown Lazarus had large possessions, landed property, gardens, and many servants. Martha had her own house, and another sister named Mary, who lived entirely alone, had also her separate dwelling.

Profiles of Faith: Mary & Martha - Lessons from Two Sisters

Magdalen lived in her castle at Magdalum. Lazarus was already long acquainted with the Holy Family.

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He had at an early period aided Joseph and Mary with large alms and, from first to last, did much for the Community. The purse that Judas carried and all the early expenses, he supplied out of his own wealth The father of Lazarus was named Zarah, or Zerah, and was of very noble Egyptian descent.

He had dwelt in Syria, on the confines of Arabia, where he held a position under the Syrian king; but for services rendered in war, he received from the Roman emperor property near Jerusalem and in Galilee. He was like a prince, and was very rich. He had acquired still greater wealth by his wife Jezabel, a Jewess of the sect of the Pharisees. He became a Jew, and was pious and strict according to the Pharisaical laws.

He owned part of the city on Mount Zion, on the side upon which the brook near the height on which the Temple stands, flows through the ravine. But the greater part of this property, he had bequeathed to the Temple, retaining, however, in his family some ancient privilege on its account. This property was on the road by which the Apostles went up to the Cenacle, but the Cenacle itself formed no longer a part of it. It had numerous gardens, terraces, and fountains, and was surrounded by double ditches.

The prophecies of Anna and Simeon were known to the family of Zarah, who were waiting for the Messiah. This last lived altogether secluded, her silence causing her to be looked upon as a simpleton. She went by no other name than Silent Mary. She will, with her brother, follow Me.

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She is not for this world, therefore is she now altogether secluded from it. But she has never committed sin. If I should speak to her, she would perfectly comprehend the greatest mysteries. She will not live much longer. After her death, Lazarus and his sister Martha will follow me and devote all that they possess to the use of the Community. The youngest sister Mary has strayed from the right path, but she will return and rise to higher sanctity than Martha.

He mentioned also his father, saying that he had been in war. He said that Lazarus and his sisters were rich, and that they would devote all they had to the advancement of Redemption. Very Interesting ages ago permalink. Anne Catherine Emmerich was told by Our Lord that her gift of seeing the past, present, and future in mystic vision was greater than that possessed by anyone else in history.

She had the use of reason from her birth and could understand liturgical Latin from her first time at Mass. During the last 12 years of her life, she could eat no food except Holy Communion, nor take any drink except water, subsisting entirely on the Holy Eucharist. From until her death, she bore the wounds of the Crown of Thorns, and from , the full stigmata of Our Lord, including a cross over her heart and the wound from the lance. Anne Catherine Emmerich possessed the gift of reading hearts, and she saw, in actual, visual detail, the facts of Catholic belief which most of us simply have to accept on faith.

The basic truths of the catechism--angels, devils, Purgatory, the life of Our Lord and the Blessed Mother, the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, the grace of the Sacraments--all these truths were as real to her as the material world. Her revelations make the hidden, supernatural world come alive.

Originally posted ages ago. Yuri, The policy in Our Diocese with Our Good Bishop, as long as there are documents to justify the inclusion of the image, then there is no problem with it. The mere fact that the Catholic Scholars were allowed to publish these works Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat , then question of recognition had been settled. Regarding the name, then that is problematic but does not preclude her from joining the processions.

Hagia, It has been acknowledge that there are mistakes with the book of Emmerich.