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Vulnerable Forested Wetlands; Wetland Bioassessment Methods to Track Restoration Success

View the wetlands program fact sheet. Wetlands are simply lands affected by water, resulting in unique plants and soils.

Statewide Wetlands Strategies by World Wildlife Fund | Waterstones

They may be classic cattail areas with a few feet of standing water, areas with very shallow water, or temporary habitats such as playa depressions on the eastern plains that only occasionally have standing water. Riparian areas next to streams that are subject to frequent flooding are also considered wetlands.

Since the beginning of major settlement activities, Colorado has lost half of its wetlands. By virtue of their position in the landscape, wetlands perform several functions valuable to wildlife and society, including:. It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled.

Statewide Wetlands Strategies

Please turn on JavaScript and try again. Things To Do Boating. Field work will begin in summer, Several Wyoming wetlands complexes are being recognized as bird areas of continental significance in draft updates to the four North American bird conservation plans.

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In the past, only the Greater Yellowstone Area was acknowledged as continentally significant. Photo by Jeff Vanuga.

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Project Spotlight Fig. Conservation Planning for a Migration Oasis. No iconic snow capped mountains grace the skyline and your first impression might be that it is a seemingly uninteresting collection of shallow ponds lost on the edge of the Great Wyoming SWAP.

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Wyoming Coordinated Implementation Plan. Landowner Guide to Sage-grouse Conservation in Wyoming.

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Did you know? Black-necked Stilt are relatively common throughout the Intermountain West and can be found in similar habitats as American Avocets although stilts prefer more emergent vegetation. Black-necked Stilts are considered an important indicator species of contaminants in irrigation drain water due to their sensitivity to selenium Robinson et al. Other threats include loss of habitat and degradation of water quality.