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See entry for William Murray, Lord Mansfield, below. Copy in Alexander Turnbull Library, Nat. Stevenson, from his affect. B[rown], Venice, March 3rd, Preface, by way of Criticism' to Familiar Studies of Men and Books: I shall quote here a verse of an old student's song, worth laying side by side with Villon's startling ballade ['La Grosse Margot]. Student Song Book. Symonds, visiting him at Davos where met RLS.

See William Penn : Fruits of Solitude. Yale has copy, pp.

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  3. Dictionnaire infernal/6e éd., 1863/Texte entier p3;

Housed in slipcase stamped 'Gaudeamus! Robert Louis Stevenson's copy of his college songs, Preface, Familiar Studies : RLS quotes from this work 'a verse of an old student's song, worth laying side by side with Villon's startling ballade', La grosse Margot.

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  • List of page numbers and a phrase identifying each inside back cover; these correspond with most of the pencil lines opposite passages in the book itself. Tome premier. Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes. Both Vol 1 and 2 are cited on pp. Jacobite Songs. At head of title: Oscar Testut [b. Binding: original back wrappers mutilated. Mahaffy: 'In a small bookcase over the head of the bed were some of his own books, a Shakespeare, and what was more curious, "A Record of Remarkable Crimes and Criminals' Title continues: 'from the Year to the Year Collected from Original Papers and Authentic Memoirs.

    Contents: 1. Memoires du duc d'Angouleme. Memoires de duc d'Etrees. Memoires de M. Memoires du duc d'Orleans. Also listed under: Estrees, Francois Annibal, duc d', Memoires; Deageant, Guichard, d.

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    • Memoires; Angouleme, Charles de Valois, duc d', Memoires; Orleans, Gaston, duc d', Subject: France London : Printed for W. Ogston bookseller, in Edinburgh], Possibly the copy presented to Robert Stevenson q. I at one time had many notes and letters of Sir Walter's, but they somehow or other got out of my hands. Title continues: 'II.

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      From the mouth of the Humber to Carlisle. George Buchanan. Never before publish'd. Pagination and register are continuous. Also issued as Miscellanea Scotica. Anderson Cat. George Buchanan Nicolas de Nicolay : Navigation du roy d'Ecosse Jacques cinquiesme. Binding: half calf; broken.

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      Na mele aimoku, na mele kupuna, a me na mele ponoi o ka Moi Kalakaua I. Hawaiian poems. Imprint taken from first poem [dated] Novemaba 16, M. Songs of the chief, ancestral songs, songs for oneself personal songs and songs of the sovereign Kalakaua I Translation of title: Chants for rulers, ancestral chants, and personal chants for King Kalakaua I. Printed for the birthday of the king, when he was exactly fifty years of age. Sidney Castle, or the Sorrows of De Courcy. Sidney Castle 5 vols. Single vol. Binding: calf; broken at hinges.

      Mehew has 'De Courci'. Elizabeth Unsworth? The Ballad Minstrelsy of Scotland. Romantic and Historical. Vailima Library book label, signed by Isobel Strong. Anderson: slips of paper inserted to mark pages - some written in RLS's hand. Robert Louis Stevenson.

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      A Catalogue. Princeton University press, Part XI, No. Morris L. Parrish Collection.

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      London : P. Consists, first By a Volunteer', pp. Lately published in New York, etc. Binding: boards; broken. Robert Thomson? The Case of the Forfeited Estates in Scotland Patrick Haldane; 2.

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      The Laws and Judicatures of Scotland The Honour and Justice of the present Parliament Observations on the Bill for Sale of the Forfeited Estates Princeton University Press, Part XI, 8. Morris Parrish Collection. Patrick Haldane and David Dalrymple - q. Letters from [Vailima] to Sidney Colvin: 1. Letters 7, ; p.

      http://time2change.hipwee.com/6025.php Letter from Isobel Strong to Jane Whyte Balfour, [early ]: - mentions dancing with Cusack-smith, British consul at Samoa, who remarked: 'I am glad the blue-book[sic] is out, as it will prove[emphasis] that I have consistently followed[emphasis] Mr. Stevenson's policy throughout. Original White book introduced to Reichstag 15 Feb From NY Times archive article online. Balfour mentions that he failed to procure a copy of the 'German White-book' for use in writing pp. Samoan Affairs. Anderson has ''.

      The Tryal and Condemnation of David Lindsay The Famous Case of Robert Calvin Binding: half roan. Title continues: 'Being every word collected from their own writings Anglo-Scottish tracts Binding: half sheep; broken. Vie et avantures de Lazarille de Tormes.