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The satori is a type of mountain-dwelling goblin that can read human minds. When it encounters travelers passing through the mountains, the creature approaches them and begins speaking their thoughts aloud. Once the victims become thoroughly confused and disoriented, the satori captures and eats them. It is said that an empty mind is the best protection against a satori attack.

The Sinking City is open-world investigation by way of tentacle monsters

Thinking nothing at all causes the creature to turn away in boredom or flee in fear. A notorious satori named Omoi lives on the slopes of Mt Fuji. His appearance varies from story to story, but he is always big, ranging anywhere from 2 meters 6 ft 6 in tall to as large as a mountain.

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Some stories describe him as a fox or tanuki raccoon dog that has shape-shifted, but in most stories his true identity is a mystery. The fruits transform into tankororin if left unpicked on the tree for too long.

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The bakki is a furry creature with eyes on top of its head. It measures 60 to 90 centimeters 2 to 3 ft long and usually appears as a blur because it runs so fast.

The bakki is regarded as a great threat to the environment, as it causes moisture to disappear wherever it goes. Plants and trees wither, crops fail, and ponds evaporate. The only way to eliminate a bakki is to capture it and submerge it in dirty water. The nuppefuhofu a. Aside from the creature's massive flabs of flesh, the only features are its arms and legs -- and its horrid smell. The nuppefuhofu enjoys long aimless walks after dark, and it appears to derive satisfaction from frightening people on the street at night.

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Koboku-no-kai are spirits of old trees. He stepped outside to confront the stranger, and they started fighting. After the priest recited a chant, the tree never caused any trouble again. I know an artist in Japan who has his own take on these. They're great! I'm so glad to have foound them today.

Wow, really like all the posts on monsters and info.

Our Lord And Saviour Cthulhu Classic Mug

Definitely material I haven't seen before! Giving me lots story ideas. The Librarian is an elderly female monster who works at Monsters University 's school library, and a minor antagonist. She hates noises inside the library. If she catches any monster being too loud, she will attack the offending party with her tentacles, and anyone who gets caught will be tossed out of the library and into a pond facing the entrance. The librarian is involved in the "Avoid The Parent" course of the Scare Games , the librarian's reaction to noise is exploited to emulate the danger of parents, and how a Scarer has to get along without being caught by one.

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Any team who is caught by her is thrown out of the library and disqualified from the competition. The only way you can be disqualified if you get caught, not if you just make a noise. When Oozma Kappa accidentally make a creak in the library's floorboards, grabbing the Librarian's attention, they all start scattering and purposely make sounds from different parts of the library, therefore confusing and distracting the librarian while Squishy takes their flag unnoticed, and ultimately causing her to capture Slugma Slugma Kappa and toss them out of her library and into the pond instead.

The Librarian appears to be quiet yet very grouchy, and immediately tries to get rid of anyone who makes noise in the library.

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The librarian resembles a tiny gray cephalopod monster with eight tentacles, gray hair, and wears a black dress and horn-rimmed glasses.