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Flight 2 Inertial Forces 23a. The Rotating Earth 24b. Rotating Frames.

Imagine yourself sitting in a boat, traveling over water with velocity u on a windless day. A small flag is attached to the boat's mast: in what direction will it point? Seen from the boat, the flag always points to the rear, because in the boat's frame of reference, a wind with velocity —u seems to be blowing.

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It always points in the same direction. What if the day is not windless?

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If a wind is blowing with velocity v? In the frame of the boat, the air now moves with velocity v — u , a vector sum, with the direction of v specified relative to the boat "in the boat's frame". The flag now points neither downwind, nor to the rear, but somewhere in between. Suppose the boat now changes direction. In the frame of the boat u is still directed to the rear, but the wind now seems to come from a different direction, relative to the boat.

The intense radiation of Aberration has led to incredible genetic mutations, resulting in new creatures with amazing abilities! New tools are on-hand to survive on the world of Aberration, while opening up many possibilities for new competitive and cooperative scenarios. Traverse the ARK using cave-climbing picks , gliding wingsuits , and ziplines. Learn advanced Engrams to dominate the harsh environment, protect yourself with Hazard Suits , Charge Lanterns , Batteries , Glow Sticks , and much more.

Thrive by gathering new resources, using fishing baskets , Gas Collectors , fortify your home within the caverns using cliff structures , and much more! And in the deepest depths of Aberration, their terrifying — yet somehow familiar — master awaits… will YOU be among the survivors powerful enough to face him? The map is the underground of a damaged ARK. Most of the features are related to underground, where new Resources exist, such as Fungal Wood and Gems. Rather than being an island, the majority of the map is enclosed underground biomes, making it especially advisable to carry a Compass or GPS to not get turned around in the dark twists and turns.

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Radiation seeps in at specific locations of the map, causing exposed players not wearing protective gears to take damage over time. Other new strange effects are also a feature. There are three main regions, excluding the surface: The green region being the Fertile, the blue region being the Bio luminescence, and the red region being the Element. Fertile Land do not have any negative effects, Bio luminescence is cold, and Element contains radiation, inflicting both survivors and tamed dinos with Radiation sickness over time without protection.

Oil is harder to get, since other than the Trilobite Dung Beetle and rare Seeker drops, the only other natural source of Oil is at the Surface or in the much more difficult area beyond The Spine. But It can be dropped by Tek Dinos.


Like the other maps, Supply Crates only spawn on the surface, but unlike other maps, crates can still be found below the surface, outside of artifact caves, in the form of Loot Crates. A new and fairly vital resource to the game is the Gem, which has three color types found in areas of varying difficulty. Green Gems are found almost immediately upon spawning in the Portal and are found further on in the Fertile region.

Blue Gems are found within the Luminescent Biome. A lesser vital resource Fungal Wood is gathered like regular Wood but from the larger mushrooms scattered around the underground. It substitutes for Wood in recipes, but is explicitly required for making the new structure Shag Rug. Mushrooms appear around the map as a harvestable resource, similar to the bushes found for Berries. However, be careful to avoid the Blue or Red mushrooms found across the map, as these are harvestable but dangerous. Blue mushrooms inflict instant Hypothermia. Red mushrooms inflict hallucination , which can be deadly: side effects other than colorful vision include uncontrollable direction change, constant defecation and its attendant increased hunger, and forgetfulness of breathing - better known as Suffocation, but it ignores Oxygen level of the player as it automatically registers as if the player has 0 Oxygen.

Any of these side effects could kill unprepared players. These effects can also harm shoulder-mounted dinos, so be careful. However, eating the Aquatic Mushroom provides temporary immunity to the Freezing Debuff or Luminous Poisons, and eating the Aggeravic Mushroom provides temporary immunity to the Hallucinating Debuff or Fertile Poisons. They also randomly move sleeping survivors that are not anchored to their beds, and cause survivors using a zipline or climbing pick to fall. There are also locations where Element can be crafted, called Charge Nodes.

These require resources to craft, and one of the main items needed is Element Ore which is found on The Surface or in The Grave of the Lost.

Two new Creatures , the Nameless and the Reaper , emerge with differing frequencies within areas of both the Bio luminescence and Element Regions, in the absence of Charged Light , including inside player-made structures. It is well-advised to keep sources of Charge Light around the base as regular light sources do not prevent them from emerging. Charge Light is usually best provided by the new creatures: Featherlight , Bulbdog , Glowtail , and Shinehorn. Another new creature, the Ravager quickly becomes a survivor favourite as the melee animal of choice, as their damage rapidly stacks with their pack bonus.

In addition to the DLC -exclusive Creatures , the map is also comprised of mostly new variants of creatures called Aberrant Creatures and 4 other Non Aberrant Creatures, the following creatures spawn on the map:. Aberrant Dimorphodon was previously thought to not spawn, but has now been found in some regions of the map. Aberrant Araneo has been known to be sighted around Grave of the Lost and Rockwell Terminal, but much like Dimorphodon, are a rare sight.

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Data containing Aberrant Megalania exist within game files, but has no spawn area as of current. This is due to a design choice in favor of Rock Drakes. Radiation is a new hazard introduced on Aberration that deals continuous damage to vulnerable targets that rapidly stacks-up, and cannot yet be cleansed.

They are mainly found within Element Regions. The following Aberrant creatures are immune to radiation damage.

Also, Aberrant Megalania is immune, but it only exists in the game files without spawning naturally. Most of the life indigenous to the Aberration ARK is also immune. However, the following native creatures are noteworthy for not being immune:. All imported creatures without the Aberrant mutation and all Aberrant Creatures not included in the above list of those immune, as well as Tek Creatures , are also vulnerable.

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The most notable radiation-vulnerable creatures are Aberrant Ankylosaurus and Aberrant Doedicurus , due to their high utility in mining. You will need to feed them Mushroom Brew Aberration Mushroom Brew every seconds to keep them from suffering the effects of Radiation.