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They want reviews that are coming from your customers and clients, not directly from you. Focus on optimization of both the desktop and mobile versions of your site. Think video. Consumers are looking for visuals to help them decide. For B2B, this means incorporating product demonstrations and webinars into your strategy. What do you think of the ZMOT?

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How Marketers can use Google Zero Moment of Truth model

Ready to see how marketing automation can help you grow at record speeds? I urge you to spend time on the website! Very much worth a read! I have prepared a short introduction to ZMOT which will get you thinking and spur on some questions, which I welcome you to post at the bottom of this article.

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A traditional moment of truth is when a prospective customer, or current customer, makes some sort of contact with your business. This could be by picking up the phone and making an enquiry, or when your team reach out to your client base with a marketing message. In short, a moment of truth happens every time your clients and business communicate with each other.

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Depending on how each moment of truth is managed in your business, your prospective customer will either continue to take steps forward in your sales funnel towards the sale, or they will exit and look for another option. This depends on may different things, including the service you provide. A zero moment of truth can be understood by thinking about how consumers typically look for a solution for a problem they have. In many cases your prospective customer is researching and considering their purchase prior to entering the traditional sales funnel.

For example:. I have had this debate with people in the recent past about content and information.

Information and content is continually shaping consumers buying decisions. People have questions to ask and problems to solve and they want to find what they are looking for online, quickly. We all know that we can grab our iPhone or iPad, go to google and start researching a product or a service within seconds. The research observed the buying patterns of shoppers across 12 categories, including everything from groceries to motor vehicles.

ZMOT - A New Phase In Consumers Behavior

Before moving from stimulus to shelf, Google found that consumers underwent a crucial period of research. After hearing about a product, shoppers consulted up to 10 different sources before moving on to the shelf. Google called this the Zero Moment of Truth. One of the biggest impacts ZMOT has on your marketing strategy is this; it opens up a whole world of possibilities for targeting your customers.

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The simple fact that customers are taking the time to research products and services in the Zero Moment of Truth means you the savvy marketer or small business owner have the opportunity to connect with potential customers on a whole new level. Kaushik used the example of engagement rings, but you can really apply this to any other product or niche.

Moment of truth (marketing)

When I first started working freelance, one of the things I had to figure out was how to receive payments from my various clients who often paid me in different currencies. Within seconds, I learned about some of the different brands offering the kind of services I was looking for. You can consider this the stimulus part of the sales process.

This is the Zero Moment of Truth, and the companies that managed to connect with me during this time definitely had an advantage over their competitors by informing my decision early on.