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From Ritual to Romance

The essay goes on to show how the gendered appeal of these practices first fueled their popularity and then was eventually exploited to consolidate the masculine authority of professional, disenchanted literary scholarship. Ultimately, though a product of the early twentieth century, From Ritual to Romance helps us recognize not only unfamiliar disciplinary histories, but also Victorian-era narratives about religion other than secularization.

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Romance, Vision & Satire

Scholarly Enchantment. Mimi Winick. Nineteenth-Century Literature , Vol. Virginia Commonwealth University. Previous Next.

Jessie Weston

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The Waste Land was radical in both style and substance. Roz Kaveney examines the modernist devices, cultural influences and literary collaborations that shaped this landmark poem. What does Weston argue in the chapter we see here?

From Ritual to Romance by Jessie Laidlay Weston

Here, Weston sums up: We have already seen that the personality of the King, the nature of the disability under which he is suffering, and the reflex effect exercised upon his folk and his land, correspond, in a most striking manner, to the intimate relation at one time held to exist between the ruler and his land; a relation mainly dependent upon the identification of the King with the Divine principle of Life and Fertility.

Then, towards the end of the chapter, she asks Can it be denied that, while from the standpoint of a Christian interpretation the character of the Fisher King is simply incomprehensible, from the standpoint of a Folk-tale inadequately explained, from that of a Ritual survival it assumes a profound meaning and significance? This item is featured in: Discovering Literature: 20th century. Explore further Related articles.

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  4. City of dead souls: The Waste Land and the modern moment Article by: Lyndall Gordon Themes: Capturing and creating the modern, Literature — Lyndall Gordon explores how modernist art, dance and music, as well as the experience of early 20th-century urban living, shaped T S Eliot's The Waste Land , which both describes the modern condition and searches for something outside of it.

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